TGJTA, GJPCT Team Up to Organize 'Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair 2023' to Promote 'Thai Gems' as New Soft Power of Thais

15 Feb 2023

Thai Gems and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) and the Gems Jewelry and Precious metal Confederation of Thailand (GJPCT) are proud to announce its upcoming "Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair 2023", set to take place from 22-26 February 2023 at Impact Challenger Muang thong thani. This event promises to be a showcase of the finest and most unique gems and jewelry from around the world with the fair uniqueness of Duty Free, Cash and Carry Allow. Meet over 1000 booths of exhibitors and visitors from all corners of the industry.

TGJTA, GJPCT Team Up to Organize 'Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair 2023' to Promote 'Thai Gems' as New Soft Power of Thais

Ms. Porntiva Niparin, the President of TGJTA and the former minister of commerce said "I want to invite all Thais to be part of this fair. Together we will create a strong economy for Thailand."

Mr. Somchai Phornchindarak, the President of GJPCT added "GJPCT are making this show to develop Thailand to be a leader in the World's Gems and Jewelry market."

The Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair  has established itself as one of the leading events in the gems and jewelry sector, the only fair organized by stakeholder. Offering a deep understanding of the requirement for the businesses to succeed. This year's fair will feature a diverse range of exhibitors, local and international such as Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Turkey, Japan, China, Singapore, Poland, Myanmar, etc.

The Fair lets the buyer Sourcing colorstone directly from Thailand, the gemstone capital of the world. With expertise of Thais in Enhancing and Cutting fine quality Gemstones. This fair is also a One Stop service for gems and jewelry manufacturing with a full range of diamonds, gems and jewelry clusters. Complete your Gems and Jewelry Sourcing and Orders in one destination.

To take this fair to the next level, TGJTA and GJPCT will also make this fair as a "Gems and Jewelry buying festival" for tourists sector. With support from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and Tourism Authority of Thailand this fair will also connect to tourists and in the long term this festival will create new Soft Power for Thailand. "Ploi Thai" aim to be popular as "Muay Thai"

Mr. Chomphol Phornchindarak, CEO of the fair said "The synergy between Gems and Jewelry with Tourism will be the basis for the future of Thai economy." 

One of the highlights in this edition is the Launching of Standard Colorstone Price Guide. TGJTA, GJPCT, the National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) of China and Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China (GAC) will launch a standard colorstone price guide to promote transparency and fairness in the gem and jewelry industry. The guide provides a standardized pricing system for colored gemstones, based on factors such as Color, Clarity and Weight, also the terminology commonly used by China and Thai in quality grading standards to help ensure that prices are consistent across the industry. The standard colorstone price guide aims to benefit both buyers and sellers by providing a reliable reference for determining the value of gems, and helping to create confidence and expand the market.

This fair is free entry and open to the public. For more information about Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair please visit






TGJTA, GJPCT Team Up to Organize 'Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair 2023' to Promote 'Thai Gems' as New Soft Power of Thais