DON DON DONKI, SEN SEN SUSHI Open Doors at Thaniya Plaza Today with 24-Hr Full-Service Operations to Match Vibrant Silom Lifestyle and Satisfy Your Appetite

24 Jan 2023

DONKI THAILAND Company Limited, the operator of top Japanese specialty chain store with a variety of quality miscellaneous goods and consumables imported from Japan under Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation (PPIH), continued to expand the presence of Donki Japanese multinational specialty store chain in Thailand by launching the new "DON DON DONKI THANIYA PLAZA" outlet in Silom area to deliver a unique Japanese leisure shopping experience to all recreational shoppers in Bangkok's central business district. The new DON DON DONKI branch at the Thaniya Plaza in Silom area highlights a timeless charm of authentic Japanese cuisine for all foodies to experience the taste of Japanese culinary culture with a vast selection of quality lifestyle products imported from Japan available. It is a shoppertainment destination for all shoppers in urban areas to hang out and enjoy a host of delicious Japanese foods as DON DON DONKI THANIYA PLAZA is developed as a shopping and dining haven to fulfill and satisfy your appetite. The new DON DON DONKI at the Thaniya Plaza also features the flagship sushi eatery "SEN SEN SUSHI", which is the third branch in Thailand to reinforce its reputation as the top-of-mind "Japan Brand Specialty Store" among Thai consumers. The new DON DON DONKI THANIYA PLAZA meets the diverse needs of both Thai and foreign customers, especially those living in the Silom area with 24-hr full-scale operations available now. SEN SEN SUSHI is open 10.30 - 24.00 with food orders lasting until 23.30. It is located on the first and second floors of Tower B (BTS), Thaniya Plaza.

DON DON DONKI, SEN SEN SUSHI Open Doors at Thaniya Plaza Today with 24-Hr Full-Service Operations to Match Vibrant Silom Lifestyle and Satisfy Your Appetite

Mr. Kota Tamaki, president of DONKI THAILAND Company Limited, said "DON DON DONKI THANIYA PLAZA is the seventh Donki store ever launched in Thailand with an aim to serve growing demand for quality Japanese products of people residing in the Silom and nearby areas and foreign tourists. SEN SEN SUSHI is also launched to satisfy your appetite for authentic Japanese sushi selections. All sushi menus are meticulously selected and freshly made with the quality and freshness of all ingredients sought from Japan and across the world in order to create tailored dishes that meet Donki's quality standards. The company considers Silom is a bustling and vibrant lifestyle destination in Bangkok where people can enjoy a work-life balance. There are a large number of office workers and office buildings during daytime and night entertainment venues to hang out after work. Moreover, there are a vast selection of Japanese eateries and tempting places to enjoy nightlife in areas surrounding the Thaniya Plaza. The new Donki store in the Silom area can meet all the needs of target customers. The company hopes that the new DON DON DONKI outlet at the Thaniya Plaza will receive a good response from customers and become a popular shoppertainment destination among customers. The store is expected to provide all customers with an elevated leisure shopping experience through unpretending Japanese hospitality and services and a wide range of Japanese foods under a truly authentic Japanese style and atmosphere".

Dr. Tasnawat Sombuntham, CEO of Thaniya Group, said "Thaniya Group is pleased to collaborate with Donki Thailand to launch the new DON DON DONKI THANIYA PLAZA outlet, which is expected to potentially help liven up the Silom area and boost foot traffic to the Thaniya Plaza. Donki customers are those with high purchasing power and they have unique chosen lifestyles to fulfill their work-life balance during daytime and nighttime. Particularly, they also have an intrinsic interest in Donki's quality products and services. Therefore, the launch of the 24-hr DON DON DONKI THANIYA PLAZA and the flagship sushi restaurant "SEN SEN SUSHI" at the Thaniya Plaza from 10.30 - 24.00 will definitely provide engaged customers with greater access to a wide array of quality Japanese products."

DON DON DONKI THANIYA PLAZA is located on the first and second floors of Tower B (BTS) of the Thaniya Plaza. The new outlet has a sizable retail space spanning around 950 sqm, featuring a wide variety of quality goods imported from Japan, not to mention a brilliant selection of more than 8,000 specialty items that are available only at the DON DON DONKI store. They are stationed and divided into themed zones under the concept "Japan Brand Specialty Store" in order to deliver deliciousness, worry-free experience and a healthy lifestyle to all customers. DON DON DONKI THANIYA PLAZA features a concept tagline "Store that tempts and satisfies your appetite" with a central goal to communicate with the target customers about its commitment to delivering the best authentic Japanese delicacies. Customers will also be tempted to experience the alluring taste of new menus such as street-stall ramen that is available in two styles and different broths. They are "Tonkotsu" ramen with a creamy pork-based soup meticulously cooked by professional chefs and "Shoyu" ramen that can make you feel more uplifting. Your taste buds will also be tempted with Satsumaimo, a stick-type Japanese sweet potato, which is a popular snack option that customers can experience the original taste of Japanese sweet potatoes called "Satsumaimo" at DON DON DONKI. It is one of Donki's best sellers. Other Japanese menus with appetizing tastes include a variety of Japanese desserts, Japanese BBQ Wagyu Beef Stick and Dashi Tamako Maki. All Japanese foods and dishes are masterfully created with attention to detail to fulfill and satisfy your appetite for both lunch and dinner in order to meet all requirements of customers with diverse lifestyles. DON DON DONKI store at the Thaniya Plaza also highlights a vast selection of commercial-grade products such as processed meats, frozen and processed seafood and a range of authentic Japanese products.

In addition, the third "SEN SEN SUSHI" restaurant opens its doors to welcome discerning customers to enjoy authentic tastes of mouthwatering sushi menus as its first two branches in Thailand have been growing in popularity. All sushi menus are made from red-colored natural vinegar and Japanese rice as all fresh and quality ingredients are sought from around the world to scrupulously craft your favorite sushi to perfection. There is also a wonderful selection of Japanese seasonal dishes available for both lunch and dinner such as impressive choices of Kaisendon and Arajiru soup to perfectly complement your seafood journey during lunch time. Meanwhile, different type of sushi complete with popular fillings and toppings are available for all customers and foodies to indulge and wrap up the dinner with a glass of their favorite sake.

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DON DON DONKI, SEN SEN SUSHI Open Doors at Thaniya Plaza Today with 24-Hr Full-Service Operations to Match Vibrant Silom Lifestyle and Satisfy Your Appetite