LINE TODAY Names "Suthichai Yoon" as PERSON OF THE YEAR 2024 Recognizing His Role as a Journalistic Icon Across Generations

03 Apr 2024

LINE TODAY has announced its selection for the PERSON OF THE YEAR 2024, a prestigious accolade bestowed upon individuals whose contributions have significantly shaped the societal landscape. This year's recipient is none other than Suthichai Yoon, a veteran journalist whose illustrious career spans nearly six decades, marked by unwavering dedication and adaptability amidst the evolving media terrain. The recognition of Suthichai Yoon as the PERSON OF THE YEAR serves as a beacon of inspiration for the Thai populace.

LINE TODAY Names "Suthichai Yoon" as PERSON OF THE YEAR 2024 Recognizing His Role as a Journalistic Icon Across Generations

'Keep up - adjust' create positive impacts to people,

Ms. Sirikarn Somnuek, Director of LINE TODAY - LINE Thailand remarked, "The past year marked a momentous period across various spheres, encompassing politics, economics, and society, each undergoing transformative shifts worldwide. Amidst these changes, the paramount challenge lies in maintaining agility and adaptability to serve as exemplars and foster constructive impacts. These attributes define the criteria for LINE TODAY's PERSON OF THE YEAR, and Mr. Suthichai Yoon epitomizes them impeccably. As a veteran mass communication journalist, he has borne witness to every evolution within Thailand's news landscape over the past six decades. Transitioning from traditional newspapers to embracing online platforms entirely, he continues to deliver incisive analyses of global affairs with his distinctively lucid and direct style. Leveraging his wealth of experience, he poses thought-provoking inquiries, thus engaging audiences of all demographics in global event."

The PERSON OF THE YEAR Award by LINE TODAY is a new goal on the platform that aims to motivate and inspire Thai people through the stories of role models.

The heart is to "change the news to be the wisdom"

Mr. Suthichai Yoon, speaking with LINE TODAY, articulated his approach to his profession, stating, "With almost two decades of experience in online media, my foremost priority is to uphold reliability as an information source. Thorough research and meticulous fact-checking are paramount, irrespective of technological advancements. Content quality remains pivotal. In an era where anyone can disseminate information, I aim to elevate the standard of information presentation, translating it into actionable knowledge that fosters wisdom applicable to people's lives."

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