SAT Hosts Asia's First "Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021" to Revitalize Economy & Revive Tourism in Thailand

08 Dec 2021

The Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports organized Asia's first world-class field competition "Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021" for world records which took place December 3-5, 2021 on a beachside road along Patong beach in Phuket, Thailand. The field competition aimed at encouraging local people to be part of the world-class sporting event as well as providing motivation in sports for Thai people to give priority to exercising in order to develop track and field athletes that meet international levels. This also presented a good opportunity for the country to revive the sports tourism trends and promote a good image of Thailand as a world-class travel destination among global travellers. The sporting event reflected the potential and readiness of the country to welcome foreign visitors and move forward to stimulate the economy and the tourism sector. It is also in line with the government policy to use sports as a mechanism to revitalize the economy and Thai society to grow and prosper with sustainability.

SAT Hosts Asia's First "Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021" to Revitalize Economy & Revive Tourism in Thailand

Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew said the Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021 took place at the oceanfront area along the famous Patong beach. The sporting event was in collaboration with all stakeholders. Phuket prepared everything, including accommodations, training grounds, and competition venue, and medical support and service units, as well as health safety measures, in order to facilitate the event as this year's event welcomed athletes, foreign travelers from across the world. All relevant agencies in Phuket had health safety measures in place to ensure safety of all Thai people and travelers attending the event. This is to help maintain the good image and reputation of the country as well as boosting confidence in Thailand in terms of its ability to control the spread of the COVID-19. It also reflected the potential of Phuket in being able to host a world-class sporting event and future events and activities.

Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand, said the Golden Fly Series is a world-class field competition that has been held in European countries and other continents. This year it turned to Thailand to host the competition and achieved all targets as planned. The sporting event does not only help elevate the nation's standards for sports to meet the international levels, but it also revitalized the Thai economy and stimulated domestic tourism through the use of the sports tourism approach. The event also helped boost foreigners' confidence in Thailand's potential and ability to efficiently manage and control the COVID-19 pandemic. This year's Golden Fly Series in Phuket was carried out with strict health safety measures in place and successfully wrapped up with great accomplishments. On behalf of the Sports Authority of Thailand, I would like to thank all relevant agencies, stakeholders, the public and private sectors in Phuket as well as all Thai people and sponsors for collaboration to complete the event.

Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021 significantly attracted the attention of Thai people and foreigners with lots of spectators and over 20 track and field athletes from across the world participated in the competition. They are from 14 countries, including the United States, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, the Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, and Thailand. Highlights of this year's event included men and women's pole vaulting and long jump.

All results of the competition of each category are as follows;

Men's Pole VaultWinner: Austin Miller, the United States1st runner-up: Jacob Wooten, the United States2nd runner-up: Matt Ludwig, the United States

Women's Pole VaultWinner: Holly Bradshaw, the United Kingdom 1st runner-up: Kristen Brown, the United States2nd runner-up: Natalie UY, the Philippines

Men's Long JumpWinner: Sutthisak Singkhon, Thailand1st runner-up: James Lelliott, the United Kingdom2nd runner-up: Yaroslav Isachenkov, Ukraine

Women's Long JumpWinner: Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova, Belarus1st runner-up: Maria Natalia Londa, Indonesia2nd runner-up: Parinya Chuaimaroeng, Thailand

Aside from the sporting competition, it also featured a wide range of famous products of Phuket, booths selling souvenirs, showcasing of products and services of sponsors, and selection of local products made by local people. There was also a field sports exhibition in front of Patong beach. The event and related activities were successfully carried out and wrapped up with happiness as it revived economic activity in Phuket throughout the three-day event.

The Sports Authority of Thailand would like to thank all Thai people for a warm welcome and hospitality and for attending the event as well as relevant agencies, the public and private sectors for their collaboration and support in this year's Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021 until it achieved an amazing accomplishment. Also, the SAT would like to congratulate all the winning athletes. The Sports Authority of Thailand and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports look forward to organizing good sporting events and sports tourism activities in the future in order to uphold its commitment to developing and upgrading the nation's sports.

Highlights of the competition and a series of post-event photos of the Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021 and other updates, visit or the Golden Fly Series 2021 Phuket Facebook.