Modernform Launches Campaign "Create Your 'Make Sense' Space" Reinforcing Living & Working Design Solution

29 Aug 2023

Modernform Group PLC., a leading furniture design brand, is introducing its latest campaign, Create Your 'Make Sense' Space, where sensible quality meets aesthetic delight. This campaign highlights the brand's role as a partner and consultant in designing spaces that offer practical guidance, deliver quality international-standard products at reasonable prices, and inspire new discoveries. It embodies the new Brand Idea, 'Your Modern Aspiration' as the brand advances its Living & Working Design Solution to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Modernform Launches Campaign "Create Your 'Make Sense' Space" Reinforcing Living & Working Design Solution

With over 40 years of expertise in office and residential furniture, Modernform Furniture now extends its focus to become a comprehensive design solution provider, turning dreams into reality. Their aim is to elevate the lifestyle of each individual through distinctive design, reflecting different personalities, behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, and even habits. The company strives to empower everyone to be themselves fully, while also making each space functional and sensible for them.

Modernform stands ready to " Create Your 'Make Sense' Space " through its Living & Working Design Solution, tailoring spaces to customers' desires, fulfilling home decoration dreams, and creating efficient workspaces. Their approach involves customization, offering a diverse selection of products and designs, premium-quality materials, and expert assistance.

For the Living Design Solution, spaces are designed to accommodate various lifestyles, reflecting unique functions and designs. This encompasses Custom Sofa, Custom Walk-in Closet, Custom Kitchen, Custom Dining Table, and spaces for multi-generation living. Modernform's goal is to provide genuine, personalized experiences that truly resonate with each individual.

The Working Design Solution further solidifies Modernform's leadership in office furniture. It understands the dynamics of customers' work behaviors and provides a workspace designed for Activity-Based Working, tailored to specific activities, workspace setups, various work styles, and technological innovations. Their emphasis on Productivity & Well-being aims to enhance employee satisfaction and long-term organizational outcomes.

Additionally, Modernform has launched a new landmark through a Stunning Out-of-Home, showcasing the message "Changing your identity is harder than changing your home, and changing your furniture is easier than both." The company is committed to ensuring that every space truly "make sense" for individuals. This commitment continues with an online campaign, "Complaint Whisperer," encouraging people to share their dissatisfaction with spaces that don't meet their lifestyle needs and desire for change.

Modernform invites everyone to explore their true aspirations and design spaces that resonate with their unique selves through Living & Working Design Solution. Visit for more information.

Modernform Launches Campaign "Create Your 'Make Sense' Space" Reinforcing Living & Working Design Solution