"AIRA & AIFUL" Appointed a new CEO "Kimihiro Omori"

01 Apr 2024

"Kimihiro Omori" to lead AIRA & AIFUL Public Company Limited, leveraging his extensive experience in credit management and IT expertise to further the company's vision of offering the fastest-growing personal loan services in Thailand. The new CEO aims to propel the organization towards becoming a leading financial service provider, comprehensively addressing the needs of digital-era customers.

"AIRA & AIFUL" Appointed a new CEO "Kimihiro Omori"

Under the concept of "A money, your financial buddy", AIRA & AIFUL Public Company Limited, the provider of "A money" Cash Card for Personal Finance, announced the appointment of Mr. Kimihiro Omori as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective from 1 April 2024. Mr. Kimihiro Omori will uphold the company's mission of delivering products and services tailored to the needs of Thai consumers, with a dedicated focus on becoming the preferred financial service provider chosen by consumers.

Mr. Kimihiro Omori has been an integral part of the management team at AIFUL Corporation for over 25 years, demonstrating expertise in financial market business, credit management and IT management. He is ready to advance and drive the operations of AIRA & AIFUL Plc. by focusing on the personal loan service business and reinforcing the vision of being the fastest-growing personal loan service provider in Thailand. His emphasis on the development and enhancement of services includes the utilisation of the cutting-edge technology in management, services and the diversification of service channels to fully meet the digital-era customer needs.

AIRA & AIFUL Plc. was founded on 24 December 2014 with an initial registered capital of 1 billion Baht. The company was established through a collaboration between AIRA Capital Plc., a holding company engaged in the investments of various businesses and financial businesses, and AIFUL Corporation, a leading financial services provider in Japan. AIRA & AIFUL Plc. offers A money cash card products, providing a revolving loan for emergency cash reserves and nano-financing services. These services cater to individuals without regular income, who seek financial support for professional purposes, without any required collaterals.


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