Epson Thailand Launches Solution Center to Comprehensively Present Sustainability Innovations in Support of B2B Customers' Adaptation

01 Apr 2024

Epson has invested further in Thailand through the opening of its solution center, which features a full range of projectors, commercial & industrial printers, robotic arms, and business printers for B2B sector in the country. The brand highlights its sustainability features as its selling points, as Thai enterprises are now trying to adapt to sustainability trends.

Epson Thailand Launches Solution Center to Comprehensively Present Sustainability Innovations in Support of B2B Customers' Adaptation

Epson Thailand's Solution Center spans over 600 square meters of space on the first floor of PUNN Smart Workspace on Rama IV Road in Bangkok's Khlong Toei district. Its inauguration was presided over by executives from parent company Seiko Epson Corporation and regional headquarters Epson Southeast Asia.

Mr. Junkichi Yoshida, Chief Operating Officer of Printing Solutions Division for Seiko Epson Corporation, says Epson has defined its enrichment based on not just profit but also sustainability. Receiving a strong emphasis, sustainability has been solidly integrated into Epson's business strategies and innovation development. The brand's technology and products have thus answered sustainability causes well. For example, inkjet printers with Epson's proprietary heat-free technology consume less energy and emit less carbon dioxide when compared with products in the same category. The focus on sustainability has led to resounding success with Epson ranking as No. 1 ink-tank printer brand. Its accumulative sold units have already reached 90 million as of December 2023. Moreover, Epson has been the No. 1 leader in the world's projector market for 22 consecutive years already. Importantly, Epson has expanded its B2B portfolio continuously. Last year, it thus successfully climbed to the top of Asia's large-format printer industry with 21-per-cent market share.

"Epson recognizes the need to revolutionize operations and the importance of investing in infrastructure to support our B2B growth initiatives. Our Solution Centers serve as pivotal touchpoints for showcasing our products and solutions to customers and partners. Via these touchpoints, they can experience a comprehensive suite of our B2B offerings firsthand. We firmly believe that businesses have a responsibility to address societal challenges and contribute positively to the communities we serve. As we look to the future, we hope to enable organizations to embrace sustainable products and solutions from Epson to enrich lives and build a better future for all generations to come," Mr. Junkichi adds.

Mr. Siew Jin Kiat, Regional Managing Director of Epson Southeast Asia, says the launch of Epson Thailand's solution center marks a significant milestone for Epson because it will expand the brand's B2B touchpoints in the region. Previously, Epson has already opened solution centers in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia. To Epson, Thailand holds a special place in its heart because the country has been a key market in Southeast Asia. For over three decades or since 1990, Epson has been operating in Thailand, with Epson Thailand serving as a hub for the brand's operations in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Pakistan. Epson's launch of its latest solution center in Thailand reflects its dedication to strengthening its presence in Southeast Asia and reaffirms its commitment to the Thai market.

"Epson Thailand's Solution Center embodies innovation and sustainability. The design of the center, inspired by nature, creates an environment that truly aligns with our commitment to sustainability. Leveraging Epson's advanced printing and projection technology, we have created

a space that not only showcases our innovative solutions but also promotes eco-conscious practices. These Solution Centers serve as hubs for bringing sustainable products and solutions closer to our customers. By integrating sustainable practices into their operations, our customers can make a positive impact on the environment while boosting their business efficiency," Mr. Siew explains.

"As we expand regionally, our commitment to environmental responsibility remains steadfast. Sustainability is our DNA. It is ingrained in everything we do. As our innovation philosophy strives for efficiency, compact size, and accuracy, we are confident that our energy-saving solutions, space-saving innovations, and high-precision technology will enhance both the environment and community," he continues.

Mr. Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, Managing Director of Epson (Thailand) Company Limited, says Epson has recognized the potential of B2B sector and the growth of B2B products across Southeast Asia. Therefore, it has drawn up a strategy especially for this segment. The initiative has covered business structure, team development, distributor empowerment and support, and even investments in setting up solution centers in all Southeast Asian countries. The solution centers are core parts of the strategy because it is a B2B touchpoint. Epson's latest solution center costs more than 30 million baht to establish.

"Our well-thought design ensures the whole center, which occupies more than 600 square meters of space, is cost-efficient and multipurpose with "Sustainability of Asia and Season Changes" as the main theme. Resonating with Epson's firm stance on sustainability, all surface materials are friendly to the environment and they are all in natural hues. The center is decorated with prints from Epson's commercial and industrial printers, as well as images from Epson's projectors," he says.

At the launch of the solution center, highlight products are direct-to-garment printer Epson Monnalisa ML-8000, which uses water-based UltraChrome ink, and large signage printers Epson SureColor SC-S60670, which relies on eco-solvent ink, and SureColor SC-R5030L that embraces resin ink. Ink used by these three commercial and industrial printers are odorless and toxin-free. Friendly to the environment, they have been certified as safe and eco-friendly based on international standards including Greenguard Gold, AgBB and French-VOC A+ Class.

Regarding robotic arms, both Scara and six-axle products are on show. Designed to support manufacturing operations at industrial plants, they offer flexibility and facilitate the plants' adjustment to accommodate a greater variety of products. On top of this, they promise to raise productivity, curb waste, and work in place of humans in dangerous areas or zones containing hazardous chemicals. Also, they help reduce energy consumption by 40%, lower processing time, and manage automated production systems.

Also on display is commercial printer Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-Series. Leveraging heat-free technology, it consumes less energy, emits less carbon, and consumes fewer exhaustible supplies when compared with laser printers. Moreover, it is easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain because it comprises just a small number of parts. As a plus, it can also work non-stop for a very long time.

Epson Thailand Launches Solution Center to Comprehensively Present Sustainability Innovations in Support of B2B Customers' Adaptation