POND'S Enlists Brand Ambassadors, "Yaya Urassaya" and "Tzuyu" for the launch of Asia's First Pop-up POND'S Institute in Thailand

03 Apr 2024

Unilever, a leading organization dedicated to fostering sustainable positive impact, elevates its product innovation front with "POND'S", marking the debut of the pop-up "POND'S Skin Institute" in Thailand - a first for Asia. This event transformed Parc Paragon into an exclusive setting where "Miracles Happen," featuring the introduction of two esteemed brand ambassadors: 'Yaya' Urassaya Sperbund, Thailand's cherished actress, and 'Tzuyu', a celebrated member of the girl group TWICE. This launch serves as a significant milestone, following the brand's successful relaunch and the introduction of 'POND'S Age Miracle' and 'POND'S Bright Miracle' in Thailand earlier this year.

POND'S Enlists Brand Ambassadors, "Yaya Urassaya" and "Tzuyu" for the launch of Asia's First Pop-up POND'S Institute in Thailand

Ms. Sathirawan Eiam-ong, Skincare Thailand Lead, Unilever Thai Trading Limited, expressed her enthusiasm: "We're excited to bring POND'S Skin Institute back to the Thai people in the form of a pop-up laboratory situated in the heart of the city. This initiative underscores the enduring legacy of our beloved skincare brand, which has been a part of Thai communities for over 37 years. We're dedicated to offering skincare solutions powered by the patented scientific innovations of the POND'S Skin Institute, with premium packaging that appeals to all age groups, effectively meeting the diverse skincare needs of consumers of different ages."

The introduction of the first pop-up POND'S Skin Institute in Asia is a historic moment, prominently featuring 'Yaya' Urassaya Sperbund and 'Tzuyu' from TWICE as distinguished brand ambassadors. They symbolize timeless beauty and the modern woman's commitment to skincare, standing as icons of ultimate youthful and ultimate bright skin for the new generation.

'Yaya' Urassaya Sperbund, shared her excitement: "I'm delighted to reunite with POND'S as the face of 'POND'S Age Miracle', being part of this thrilling initiative. I admire the POND'S Skin Institute's leadership in developing innovative skincare technologies that inspire women to embark on their self-care journeys early. POND'S continues to lead the way in skincare innovation, empowering women to achieve truly miraculous skin."

'Tzuyu' from TWICE commented: "It's an honor to be the global ambassador for 'POND'S Bright Miracle' and to collaborate with POND'S. The brand is not only acclaimed for its continuous innovation, addressing and alleviating skincare concerns for women around the world but they also demonstrate a profound commitment to excellence in everything they undertake, from product development to hosting special events. Witnessing the POND'S Skin Institute's journey across Asia is truly stunning."

The launch showcased exclusive, patented innovations from the POND'S Skin Institute, notably the 'POND'S Age Miracle' with HEXYL-RETINOL(TM), the pinnacle of new-generation retinols. This innovative ingredient effectively and gently reduces wrinkles without the typical irritation associated with regular retinol. It aids in maintaining youthful skin, reducing fine lines, and diminishing age-related dark spots. Catering to the needs of women seeking pre-aging care or looking to preserve their youthful appearance from an early age, this formulation nourishes and sustains skin's youthful vibrancy. 'POND'S Bright Miracle' is a groundbreaking formulation that blends NIASORCINOL(TM), delivering brighter skin in just three days and proving seven times more effective than Vitamin C. These innovations cater to women seeking to maintain their youthful vibrancy and those desiring to repair their skin from environmental factors.

Discover the magic of 'POND'S Age Miracle' and 'POND'S Bright Miracle' at leading department stores, online platforms, and convenience stores nationwide, and experience how 'Miracles Happen.'

POND'S Enlists Brand Ambassadors, "Yaya Urassaya" and "Tzuyu" for the launch of Asia's First Pop-up POND'S Institute in Thailand

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