INSEE Ecocycle Destroys "IPR Infringing Goods"

Tuesday 21 September 2021 16:52
Being well aware of environmental impacts and pollution problems, INSEE Ecocycle Company Limited, a subsidiary of Siam City Cement Group which provides total and sustainable industrial waste solutions, recently participated in the destruction ceremony of the "Intellectual Property Rights Infringing Goods".
INSEE Ecocycle Destroys IPR Infringing Goods

The Company provided services including the transport of the seized counterfeit goods to the disposal sites and sustainable annihilation method in an environmentally sound manner and implement effective controls to reduce or eliminate the release of pollutants to the environment. The virtual destruction operation was live broadcast via Zoom to the audience at the Ceremony at the Ministry of Commerce.

Suchintana Viraratt, Chief Executive Officer, INSEE Ecocycle Company Limited, said: "INSEE Ecocycle is a specialist in sustainable waste management and industrial service solutions provider. We have the expertise in converting waste materials into usable heat, or alternative fuel through a variety of processes, the so-called "Energy Recovery", in order to make the most of sustainable use of natural resources. Also we are ready to partner with government and private organizations, to help build confidence in safe environmental management solutions.

"On this occasion, it was an honour as INSEE Ecocycle gained the trust of the Ministry of Commerce's the Department of Intellectual Property and was selected to handle the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Infringing Goods, ranging from the transport to the disposal sites to the final annihilation. The destruction operation was conducted at Chonburi and Saraburi provinces and live streamed on Zoom to our audience at the Ceremony taking place at the Ministry of Commerce, Nonthaburi province, for the second consecutive year."

"Under the IPR Infringing Goods destruction, INSEE Ecocycle's trucks, fully equipped with GPS tracking system and safety seal lock, bring the seized goods to our facilities. Then, the counterfeit items are segregated and shred, before being co-processed with primary fuels in cement kilns at temperature above 1,800 degree Celsius in a closed system. It is an efficient and sustainable method for the recovery of energy by destroying counterfeit items and constituting least impacts on community health and the environment. It also promises zero waste to landfill. The entire process is monitored by the closed circuit system. RFID is deployed to track all trucks in the premise and the security unit for maximum control," said INSEE Ecocycle's CEO.

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Source: i2C Communications

INSEE Ecocycle Destroys IPR Infringing Goods