Thonglor Thai cuisine debuts "Mongkol" menu suitable for religious ceremonies

Monday 01 March 2021 16:54
Just picture yourself going to the grocery store nearby to buy the same ingredients with the same recipes in mind and cook for monks. Most people end up buying from food stalls. Now it's time to change things up a bit. Chef Thomas at Thonglor Thai cuisine is currently offering a multi-course meal of entrees and desserts served in stacked lunch boxes and accompanied by a hand garland to give to monks or any religious ceremonies. At 1,290 baht, you get a complete meal, a hand garland, and of course the stacked lunch boxes. (please keep in mind that seasonality may influence the availability of flowers) Meal options are as follows.
Thonglor Thai cuisine debuts Mongkol menu suitable for religious ceremonies

"Mongkol" menu is composed of 4 meal options

Option 1: Thai Delicacy
Entree: red curry of pumpkin and grilled chicken
Entree: young tamarind paste with crispy fish served with butterfly pea rice
Dessert: assorted fruits, aalua dessert, and black bean sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves

Option 2: Fortune
Entree: trio meat soup of crispy pork, shrimp, and chicken thighs along with vegetables
Entree: grilled sea bass with bai yor, fresh vegetables, and brown rice
Dessert: assorted fruits, layer sweet cake, and bean paste cookies

Option 3: Prosperity
Entree: Thai spicy mixed vegetable soup with shrimp
Entree: fish in dipping sauce, assorted fresh vegetables, and steamed brown rice
Dessert: assorted fruits and sticky rice in coconut milk with egg yolk

Option 4: Vegan
Entree: tofu massaman with lotus seeds
Entree: chili paste, fresh vegetables, crispy corn, and riceberry rice
Dessert: assorted fruits, banana in coconut milk, golden fish

Kindly pre-order any of the "Mongkol" menu 3 days in advance. The restaurant, located at Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor Soi 5, is currently open 10:30-21:00 hrs. for eat in takeout and delivery . To place an order, please call 02-000-4701 or 092-966-2563, or order through LINE: Thonglor Cuisine Visit, or follow Facebook page, Instagram, for latest updates and promotions.

Source: IMPACT Exhibition Management