FWD Insurance Achieves Back-to-Back Wins for Asia's Leading Brand Award from Influential Brands, Singapore

23 Mar 2023

FWD Life Insurance Plc ("FWD Insurance") was recently recognised for its outstanding brand success on the Asian stage, winning two awards at the 2022 CEO Summit and Award Ceremony entitled "The Future of Business in Asia." The organization was honored with the 2022 Thailand's Outstanding Brands Awards for the second year in a row, a testament to its commitment to branding excellence and the ability to leverage its brand across various touchpoints. Additionally, FWD Insurance received the "2022 Thailand's Outstanding Leaders" award, which recognises exceptional organizational leaders in management who drive change and possess a visionary outlook. The award ceremony is organized by Influential Brands, Singapore, which has been specializing in brand building in Asia for over 20 years.

FWD Insurance Achieves Back-to-Back Wins for Asia's Leading Brand Award from Influential Brands, Singapore

Ms. Pavarisa Chumvigrant, Chief Branding and Communications Officer of FWD Insurance, said, "On behalf of FWD Insurance, we are all delight at receiving the Outstanding Brands Awards 2022 for the second consecutive year, noting that the award is granted to brands that have been creative and have had a positive impact on people's lives. This recognition reflects the high level of consumer satisfaction with the FWD Insurance brand and acknowledges the success of FWD Insurance's branding efforts"

The Outstanding Brands Awards have been awarded for the 10th consecutive year to acknowledge the most outstanding brands of organizations that appreciate the potential of branding and the significance of connecting the brand's audience across various touchpoints. The criteria for the award entail assessing the brand's market share in their respective industries, brand presence in online and offline media, including consistency in branding activities across multiple platforms.

It is also the first time that FWD Insurance has won the 2022 Thailand's Outstanding Leaders award, which is bestowed upon exceptional organizational leaders who bring about positive transformations within their organizations while possessing a far-sighted vision. This recognition highlights the management's proficiency in effectively communicating the brand's essence to consumers, emphasizing the true significance of life insurance and the brand identity of supporting everyone in living the way they like without worry because FWD Insurance is ready to care for them.

"FWD Insurance takes immense pride in being awarded two prestigious accolades for the top brands in Asia. These awards are a testament to our unwavering dedication to communicate with consumers through the Celebrate living brand campaign, which we have been diligently pursuing for the past three years. As a brand with a unique positioning, we strive to instill positive energy and provide an exceptional brand experience by collaborating with various lifestyle brands. This year, we will continue to innovate and deliver new experiences for our customers to achieve our vision of "Changing the way people feel about insurance," Ms. Pavarisa said.

The CEO Summit and Award Ceremony entitled "The Future of Business in Asia" is the grand award ceremony in Asia and has been held for the 10th year. It rigorously selects more than 40 leading brands by categorizing the types of businesses surveyed, including life and casualty insurance, over 92 FMCG products, supermarkets, wholesale and retail businesses, hypermarkets, banks, telephone network operators, real estate/property developers, delivery service providers, bakery chain businesses, coffee businesses, and movie businesses.


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