CEA is about to kick off Bangkok Design Week 2023. Get ready to check-in! 9 days 9 creative business districts during 4-12 February 2023

25 Jan 2023

Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA, together with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, government and private agencies, educational institutes, international organization, and the network of creative business districts, would like to invite everyone to experience the world-class creative festival "Bangkok Design Week 2023 (BKKDW2023)", which will be organized for 9 days in 9 creative business districts under the theme "urban'NICE'zation (A Nice City)". The objectives of this event are to provide economic opportunities, revitalize the city's atmosphere so that it can embrace and accommodate the so-called 'nice friends' of all dimensions (environment, travel, cultures, businesses, communities, and all other diversities), and turn the 5 new areas into creative business districts. The business districts in this festival include: 1) Charoen Krung - Talad Noi 2) Sam Yan - Siam 3) Ari-Pradipat 4) Phra Nakhon / Pak Khlong Talat / Nang Loeng; and the new business districts, i.e., 5) Yaowarat, 6) Wong Wian Yai - Talat Phlu / Khlong San 7) Bangpho 8) Phrom Phong 9) Kaset Nawamin, and other areas. Also, this event is intended to welcome the opening of the city in 2023, expecting more than 100,000 domestic and foreign tourists with the economic value of at least 200 million baht throughout the period of this festival.

CEA is about to kick off Bangkok Design Week 2023. Get ready to check-in! 9 days 9 creative business districts during 4-12 February 2023

Today (23 January 2023), Dr. Chakrit Pichyangkul, CEA Executive Director, Associate Professor Chadchart Sittipunt, Bangkok governor, Mr. Sanon Wangsrangboon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, the representatives of the districts participating in this festival, partnership of Thailand Creative District Network, and CEA executives, have jointly organized the press conference about "Bangkok Design Festival 2023" which will be held during 4 - 12 February 2023 from 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. with an intention to boost the creative economy in Bangkok in a continual manner.

The main theme of this festival is "urban'NICE'zation (A Nice City)", focusing on how to 'design' the development on the 'quality of life' and revitalize Bangkok in a way that it becomes an agreeable city for "living, investment, and tourism" again. The emphasis is also placed on the balance and the conformity of economy, quality of life, and environment with "people" as a core essence so that Bangkok will become a city that can develop on the basis of any changes and can respond to the new

challenges at any time. The festival covers the following 9 major business districts across Bangkok, i.e., 1) Charoen Krung - Talad Noi 2) Yaowarat 3) Sam Yan - Siam 4) Ari-Pradipat 5) Phra Nakhon / Pak Khlong Talat / Nang Loeng 6) Wong Wian Yai - Talat Phlu / Khlong San 7) Bangpho 8) Phrom Phong, and 9) Kaset Nawamin.

Dr. Chakrit Pichyangkul, CEA Executive Director, said that Bangkok Design Week 2023 will be another platform to generate the creative economy ecosystem, which is believed to provide business opportunities and income, promote collaboration that leads to network creation, and activate the creative city of Bangkok. The festival has been organized for the 6th consecutive year, focusing mainly on designs and creativity that can help 'make the urban nice' through the 6 dimensions, namely Nice for Environment, Nice for Mobility, Nice for Culture, Nice for Business, Nice for Community, and Nice for Diversity. The event covers the area of 9 creative business districts with more than 530 programs categorized into the four main formats as follows:

1. Showcase & Exhibition: The works produced by creators are showcased in order to present the ideas that can be applied to solve problems and improve the quality of life 2.Talk & Workshop: It is aimed to provide knowledge and new ideas from the specialized creators both in and out of the country. 3. Creative Market & Promotion: The 6 creative flea markets shall be opened across Bangkok with more than 80 brands available therein. 4.Event & Program: This focuses on the activities that can create nice atmosphere in the city. The activities will be held in different forms such as music performances, film screenings, performing arts, lighting techniques on architecture, and Open House of the people in the areas involved in this festival. It is expected that all of these activities will help arouse creativity and inspiration that can encourage the residents of the city to make Bangkok a better city for everyone.

"Referring to the development of creative business districts, currently, many districts under this program have been growing with emerging businesses all the time. Even during the COVID-19 epidemic, there were still new businesses emerging, such as in the area of Charoen Krung - Talad Noi. The festival has been organized over the past 5 years and it has been attracting more than 1.75 million tourists, creating economic value of more than 1,368 million baht. This year, the number of participating districts increases from 5 to 9. It is believed that the festival of this year will be highly successful, too. And it will elevate the economy and generate some new models for urbanization in Bangkok in the future," said Dr. Chakrit.

Associate Professor Chadchart Sittipunt, Bangkok governor, said that, according to the "Good Creative Policy" of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration designated to gear up the economy by organizing 12 festivals throughout the year in order to unleash the potential of different districts across Bangkok, "Bangkok Design Week 2023", which will be held in February, is under the month of "Good Design, Good Bangkok" of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The designs showcased in this festival shall be employed as tools for urban development and modernization, and for tackling with various problems. Thereby, the said designs are subjected to the processes of study, prototype development, and testing. Above all, general people shall be encouraged to have engagement in testing the prototypes for further improvement. It can be clearly seen that Bangkok is full of designers after listed as Bangkok City of Design in UNESCO Creative City Network in 2019.

This year, there are 9 creative business districts participating in the festival. Throughout the 9 days of this festival, those interested can enjoy the unique identity of the following districts:

1. Charoen Krung - Talad Noi is regarded as 'Thailand's model creative business district', full of new and old cultures that blend well together. This area is filled with modern art galleries and design showrooms; however, the original architecture and the old community ways are still well preserved. This zone is packed with a variety of activities available in more than 30 venues such as TCDC, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, General Post Office, Phadung Krung Kasem Canal, Chai Phatthanasilp Building, River city, etc.

  • Re-Vendor Charoen Krung 32 by CEA x Cloud-Floor x CommDe/ID CU x KU x Street Vendors CRK32: It is about the trial design of stall shops located in Charoen Krung 32. The objective thereof is to allow street food shops to sell on the road in a friendlier manner to the city, environment, businesses, communities, and varied people in the city. The venue is Charoen Krung area, Charoen Krung 32.
  • CITY HAPPENINGS by 27JUNE STUDIO: Let's experience Interactive Public Art Installation through creative art works displayed in public spaces, e.g., open courtyards, public parks, walls, or even on public transports, along Phadung Krung Kasem Canal, Maha Pruettharam Road. These art works will make the city look more colourful and encourage urban people to spend more time together. The venue is Charoen Krung - Talad Noi and Phadung Krung Kasem Canal, Maha Pruettharam Road.

2. Yaowarat under the concept 'CITY TROOPER X ACADEMIC PROGRAM': It is an event that invites citizens who are interested in urban development and 13 educational institutions to work together in order to find out what the city really needs, which must be appropriate to both people and the area itself so that it could be a part of Bangkok City of Design of UNESCO.

  • New bus stop design by Academic Program: Bangkok City Trooper: A prototype of a new bus stop sign from MAYDAY group! The bus stop signs in Samphanthawong area are designed for easier use. They are suitable to the area while satisfying the needs of people of all ages. After this festival, the signs will still remain here for further use.
  • You do me I do you by D&O association: It is an exhibition that challenges designers to step out of their comfort zone by exchanging materials between studios. For example, the designers have to use steel instead of rattan. Thus, they have to work with the materials they are not familiar and meanwhile they also have to apply their own design techniques and styles to create new workpieces. The venue is The Luenrit, Yaowarat.

3. Sam Yan - Siam is the hub of learning resources and the major business center of Bangkok. It is also considered an experimental field for creative people from different fields who assemble here to brainstorm the ideas and explore new possibilities. The main venues in this area include Art4C, House of Passa, Saratta, etc.

  • CASETiFY x BKKDW2023 by CASETiFY: A world-class brand about lifestyle and tech accessories has created a collection of "phone cases" that reflect the Bangkok contexts. 10 Thai artists have been invited to tell the stories of Bangkok from their own interpretation and present them
  • through the form of an art work on the cases that can not only protect the phone but also serve as souvenirs from Bangkok. Moreover, you can carry these unique cases with you wherever you go.

4. Phra Nakhon / Pak Khlong Talat / Nang Loeng are the towns that are as old as Bangkok. These areas are famous for their classic and distinguished cultures. They are also deemed as the places of creativity that can be applied in conservation, extension, and creation of new stories of Bangkok. There are many important venues in these districts, e.g., Silpakorn University (Wang Tha Phra Campus), Old Publishing House, Mansri Metropolitan Waterworks, Town Square, the First Post Office, Ban Nang Loeng, etc.

  • Play : Build : City by PlanToys: This activity is intended to encourage urban children to have freedom to play and to promote the creativity gained from playing. It is also aimed to build relationship among friends, parents, teachers, and adults in urban communities under the community context. The venue is Bangkok City Hall, Town Square.
  • Jorn Jadsan by Jorn Jadsan Stand for Strays: It is a model shelter for stray dogs to live happily in communities. The shelters are designed with small architecture. They are also served as feeding areas for stray dogs around Bangkok and they can protect them from the sun and the rain. Not only that, these shelters make urban communities look more orderly. The venue is Payaq Gallery.
  • SATORIAL by SENSE OF NANG LOENG: It is concerning the design to develop some areas in Nang Loeng, which are about to disappear, so that they can come back to life again. The contemporary cultures are designed relying on gestures and music in order to create new spaces and new experiences, along with the Projection Mapping, providing the atmosphere of traditional communities, which are mostly the residence of Thai musicians and Thai dancing girls. The venue is The Umber Housepresso & More.

5. Ari-Pradipat: AriAround joins forces with the network of creators to organize "Open House, Open Area, Open City" for visitors to see studios, houses, and shops with an intention to promote the district to be a new hip area and a creative learning district. There is also an effort to promote the local businesses here, which is believed to make this neighbourhood more liveable. The venues in this area include 33 Space, Pradipad 17 Park, Public Relations Department Park, etc.

  • Six-Degrees of Ari by Your Neighbor Ari: It is the exhibition of sound arts at different points in Ari district. Once scanning QR Codes at various points of interest in Ari district, visitors are able to learn about the history of the area through the conversations of the characters who live in the places.
  • Creative Public Park by AriAround: This activity is intended to create green spaces in the city and broaden the perspective of relationship between people and green spaces. The venue is Public Relations Department Park.

6. Phrom Phong: The highlights of this business district in the heart of the city, Sukhumvit 26, are presented by 49 & FRIENDS, the group of creators who are driving the economy in this area to grow up while developing the area to be more liveable. It has become another check-in point with exciting stories and new experiences. This area also provides safety for commuters at night together with a variety of creative activities.

  • 49 & FRIENDS: LUMINOUS 26 by A49 / A49HD: Sukhumvit 26 are full of shady trees; unfortunately, these trees have obscured the lighting system at night. Therefore, the designers have proposed the new lighting system that can effectively provide illumination for the more safety of both pedestrians and cars at night.

7. Bangpho: The legend of the last wood street in Bangkok is continued under the concept 'Bangpho Wood Street: The Living legend'. This area is designated to be a cultural space and living learning center. The producers of wood products in the old areas are encouraged to apply creativity to add more value to their products. It is expected that this will make the local people proud of their identity and assets, and then Bangpho would be more renowned. At the meantime, there will be the biggest and the most inclusive wood sale event ever been in the past 15 years. The festival includes all wood stores with a variety of wood products, e.g., wooden furniture, wood carving, processed wood products, various types of decorations, etc., with the maximum discount of more than 50%.

  • The Life of Wood by Bangpho Wood Street: The pavilion (พาวิลเลี่ยนโคม) made from lumber under the concept of 'FILL THE GAP - Fulfill, Extend the Era, Extend the career' will provide the visitors with stunning experiences. The wood street shall be transformed into a creative street and come back to life again. The venue is Jao Mae Thubtim Shrine.
  • Balance in Space by Bangpho Wood Street: It is about the development of small public parks (pocket parks), which were used to be car parks, by making use of the waste materials in the district. This can also help support the handicrafts made by local people here. The venue is Tvekit Timber Trade Company limited.

8. Wong Wian Yai - Talat Phlu / Khlong San: The activity here is aimed to promote and present the identity of Wong Wian Yai - Talat Phlu in a new format in order that it becomes a creative business district in terms of cultures, beliefs, food, and art works. SC Asset cooperates with Young Thon Group, educational institutes, creators, entrepreneurs, and local communities in Khlong San, to showcase the assets within the area in a new format, which is in compliance to the new era. For instance, the visitors can go sightseeing by boat, a new gimmick provided by SUP X Klong San and Iconsiam. By this way, they are able to experience the highlights and the creative ideas of the places, which clearly represent the contexts of this district.

  • Skinning (ถลกหนัง) "THE MAKER" Soi Krung Thonburi : Living like Charoen Rat by SC Asset: The focus of this activity is on the combination of stories and products/handicrafts in Charoen Rat area. Thereby, the said products/handicrafts are displayed in the sample room of The Reference Condominium to represent the coexistence with memories and the context meanings of this area.

9. Kaset Nawamin: The concept of 'GREEN LIVING: Good Green, Good Living' emphasizes the application of knowledge about technology and innovation of the university to establish a model community in which the people can live their daily life in proper housing with balance and sustainability. Kaset Fair is also included in this activity and there is a design of waste dumping point at Amornphan Market. Kasetsart University, the shop owners, and the local communities will join this festival and the following creative highlights can be found in this event.

  • Workshop activities focusing on the protection of environment and waste reduction based on the idea of "the management of waste from the market and food carts" in Amornphan Market. This idea is generated from the collaboration and joint design between Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University and J Market, who manages Amornphan Market, with an intention to raise awareness of environmental issues and improve the waste management system within the market.
  • Packaging design for restaurants in Kaset Nawamin area by Kasetsart University: It is an exhibition of innovative packaging prototypes for restaurants in Kaset Nawamin area, which are designed by the students from Department of Packaging and Materials Technology, Faculty of Agro-Industry, Kasetsart University.

Let's turn Bangkok into "A Nice City" for everyone in #BKKDW2023. For more information, please visit www.bangkokdesignweek.com, FB and IG: bangkokdesignweek, Twitter: @BKKDesignWeek, Line: @bangkokdesignweek


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