Guangdong Premium Products International Trade Online Expo - Beauty Expo kicks off on October 25

Monday 25 October 2021 16:00
Guangdong Premium Products International Trade Online Expo - Beauty Expo ("the Expo") is held from October 25-29 on the online exhibition platform of International Trade Online Expo (ITOE) ( The five-day expo will connect nearly 300 source suppliers across the whole industrial chain of the beauty sector with international buyers via the online platform.
Guangdong Premium Products International Trade Online Expo - Beauty Expo kicks off on October 25

Five highlights of the Expo include:

Source factories taking orders online with huge price advantage

The Expo will be segmented into eight exhibition areas: makeup, natural healthcare, perfumes & fragrances, personal care, raw materials, professional beauty, hairdressing and manicure, and packaging materials. Buyers can easily connect with factories for price quotes or products inquiries. More than 3,330 items have been ready for display during the expo, covering R&D, production, sales, service, and OEM/ODM.

China-made products meeting expectations of young consumers

With a comprehensive lineup of high-quality functional skincare products, China-made cosmetics for daily use, skincare creams, perfumes and fragrances, healthcare and beauty products, China-made brands are more professional and increasingly welcomed by young consumers. The expo will serve as a one-stop online platform to meet the diversified procurement needs of buyers from both China and abroad.

Focusing on potential beauty categories as an entry point into the makeup market with huge growth potential

At the exhibition, the organizer will connect the featured exhibitors with multinational purchasing and marketing centers in overseas markets as well as senior experts in the beauty industry, to further examine potential product categories and beauty markets as well as provide supply chain and channel resource support for global buyers.

Meeting factory directors via virtual factory tours

A series of virtual factory tours will also be held for buyers that cannot visit in person. Buyers can also connect with the factory directors or business personnel at any time for price quotes and samples inquiries. Some thirty promotional and informative events will be held concurrently with the exhibition.

Online supply and demand matching sessions now accepting registrations

To further improve products selection efficiency for global buyers and the customer targeting efficiency for exhibitors, many online business matching events will be held at the expo. Special supply sessions will be opened to effectively match suppliers and buyers both in China and abroad. Buyers interested in meeting suppliers are encouraged to contact the event organizers.

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Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest