Enjoy Delectable Taste of Chia Tai Farm's MinicukeLisa Cucumbers

Wednesday 04 August 2021 11:26
Chia Tai Farm by Chia Tai Group, Thailand's innovative agricultural company, proudly introduces its newest cucumber variety "MinicukeLisa Cucumbers" to the market to let consumers enjoy fresh-from-farm delicacy today.
Enjoy Delectable Taste of Chia Tai Farm's MinicukeLisa Cucumbers

Cucumbers are generally well-liked by consumers as they are high in nutrients and great for health whether consumed fresh or cooked. Chia Tai is recognized as the leader in cucumber market because it is the first to successfully developed F1 Hybrid cucumber "Model" to the market. This breakthrough represents a seismic shift in cucumber market, as it produces considerable yields while ensuring farmers' income stability. In addition, Chia Tai has continually endeavored to develop more cucumber species that meet market expectations by leveraging its leading-edge and safe biotechnology to further improve the living quality of people, both farmers and consumers. These include Cucumber Kaewmalai 2, Aromatic Cucumber, and MinicukeLisa Cucumber which is the most recently launched variety.

MinicukeLisa Cucumber is a Beit Alpha plant, sometimes known as a European cucumber. It is distinguished from other Thai cucumber cultivars by its few seeds, firm texture, thin skin, and distinctively sweet and crispy flavor. It can be eaten fresh as snacks with various dipping sauces, such Mary Rose, Honey Mustard, or Tuna Chili Paste, all of which are Chia Tai Farm's signatures. Furthermore, people can enjoy eating it with local Thai-style chili paste like Spicy Shrimp Paste Dip or Northern Thai Chili Dip. It can also be cooked in a variety of ways while retaining its fresh flavor.

"Chia Tai has developed MinicukeLisa Cucumber, a European cucumber variety, to suit the planting conditions in Thailand. With its unique flavor and texture, MinicukeLisa is another option for those who prefer cucumbers with crisp and firm texture, thin skin, and delicious taste. It can be planted in greenhouses, where growers can carefully manage the planting conditions and pest controls, making it safe for the environment, growers, and consumers. All these qualities have contributed to MinicukeLisa Cucumber being a rising star in the market, capturing the attention of new-generation farmers," said Mr. Thawin Inthakhan, General Manager of Commercial Department, CT Fresh Company Limited.

Above all, Chia Tai Farm's MinicukeLisa cucumber is an excellent choice for people who want to eat cucumbers that have a delightful taste and are fresh and are safe to eat. MinicukeLisa cucumber is available now at Chia Tai Farm (Sukhumvit 60 Branch, Kanchanaburi Branch, and Pak Chong Branch), along with Lotus's and 7-Eleven outlets in Bangkok and vicinity. Or, you can simply make a purchase through Facebook: Chia Tai Farm, Telephone: 089-139-6170, and LINE: @chiataifarm

Source: Chia Tai

Enjoy Delectable Taste of Chia Tai Farm's MinicukeLisa Cucumbers