Omise partners up with Rabbit LINE Pay to capture the growth of e-wallet users

Wednesday 14 July 2021 09:15
Omise, the leading payment gateway of choice for many of Thailand's leading e-commerce businesses, has announced its partnership with Rabbit LINE Pay, a smart e-Wallet service provider based in Thailand. The partnership would widen the spectrum of Omise's services and build a more competitive payment mix for its client merchants.
Omise partners up with Rabbit LINE Pay to capture the growth of e-wallet users

Digital wallets are one of the most prominent payment methods in the Thai e-commerce market. Through the partnership with Rabbit LINE Pay, the thousands of e-commerce businesses that partner with Omise will benefit from;

  • Broadened acceptance capability — support an additional local e-wallet, used by 8+ million consumers across Thailand, for both desktop and mobile purchasing journeys.
  • Rich customer insights — have access to cross-channel payment data as all backend systems of each payment channel are connected.
  • Centralized reporting portal — consolidated transaction and sales record across all payment channels, keeping account reconciliation simple for finance and operation teams.

Through the combination of both parties' advanced technology, a smoother purchasing experience is at your fingertip. Rabbit LINE Pay is now available on Omise. For more information, please visit…hailand (…hailand) or contact 02 252 8777.

About Omise

Established in 2013, Omise is a payments platform which provides businesses with a modern end-to-end infrastructure to accept, process and disburse payments online. Working with Omise, merchants have access to powerful payment tools, comprehensive risk management solutions, as well as connection to card networks and consumers' preferred payment methods. Omise enables revenue growth and seamless payment experiences across online, in-store and in-app.

Omise is present in Thailand, Japan and Singapore. The company is the payments platform of choice for thousands of brands today.

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About Rabbit LINE Pay

Rabbit LINE Pay is one of Thailand's leading digital payment platforms, serving an estimated 8 million registered users. Total number of users has increased 20% comparing 2020. Rabbit LINE Pay strategic direction is to serve user all day easy & convenient life solution from food, shopping, transportations and bill payment. Today, Rabbit LINE Pay can pay at > 300,000 merchants on Online website, Mobile application & Offline merchant. 

It is backed by LINE, one of the most popular messaging apps in Thailand with over 47 million users. Rabbit LINE Pay has partnered with well-known brands across multiple industries.

Source: Omise