STGT to reopen Trang plant on June 16, with 11 strict anti-Covid-19 measures to ensure consumers' confidence

Wednesday 16 June 2021 15:15
Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) Pcl. or STGT is fully prepared to reopen its plant in the Trang Province on June 16 following a green light from the governor. Eleven anti-Covid-19 measures have been instituted covering all areas of the plant to ensure employees' safety and consumers' confidence. The measures will be strictly implemented in all of the company's plants. Meanwhile, the plant in the Surat Thani Province has resumed operation since June 6.
STGT to reopen Trang plant on June 16, with 11 strict anti-Covid-19 measures to ensure consumers' confidence

Ms. Jarinya Jirojkul, Chief Executive Officer of Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) Pcl. or STGT, a major global producer of latex and nitrile gloves, reports that the company's plant in Trang is ready to resume operation on June 16, 2021 after winning approval from the provincial governor. The plant, which is capable of producing 25 million pieces of powdered latex gloves daily or 28% of the total daily capacity of 90 million pieces, has temporarily ceased production since May 28 due to infections among plant workers. All the employees have undergone a second testing prior to the reopening to ensure safety and customers' confidence.

To prepare for the Trang plant's reopening, the company has instituted a set of 11 preventive measures to be rigorously enforced to ensure employees' safety and gain the confidence of consumers. Designed to put the virus under control and prevent its spread, the 11 measures are:

  1. Sanitization of the entire office area before the plant's reopening;
  2. Spraying of disinfectant through the cooling system in all operation areas;
  3. Installation of sanitization equipment at the plant's entrance;
  4. Installation of employee clock-in systems in multiple areas to prevent overcrowding;
  5. Installation of lockers in multiple areas to prevent overcrowding;
  6. Traffic organization in operational areas to prevent congestion and overcrowding;
  7. All employees must wear face coverings at all times while inside the plant and must have gloves on when handling products;
  8. All employees must wash hands and spray rubbing alcohol over work area before work begins;
  9. Expansion of operational areas temporarily to prevent overcrowding;
  10. Installation of automatic disinfection system within the cooling system;
  11. Increase of the frequency of disinfectant spraying in common areas, such as the canteen, conference rooms, rest rooms, etc., and ensuring equipment for disinfection is at the ready in all areas.

In addition, all employees have to pass through screening before entering plant and production areas, including temperature check, alcohol spraying, wearing of hygienic masks, hand-washing with soap or disinfectant, and wearing of protective caps and gowns. Moreover, employees will receive alcohol spraying periodically during work. These measures will be implemented at all of the company's plants.

"Please be assured that our company will take care of our employees and conduct thorough sanitization within our plants to gain the confidence of the local communities and our customers," Ms. Jarinya says.

"We employ continuous automation and high-temperature process in our glove production, and we have a cleaning system that complies with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard. We are confident that we are able to deliver high-quality products that are free of contamination to consumers."

Ms. Jarinya also adds: "While we await the reopening of our plant in Trang on June 16, our plant in Surat Thani has already resumed production since June 6 with all hygienic measures strictly implemented."

Source: MT Multimedia Company