Insight into HAVAL and Its Brand DNA to Create Sought-after Intelligent SUVs from GWM over Past 10 Years

Wednesday 12 May 2021 16:02
Insight into HAVAL and Its Brand DNA to Create Sought-after Intelligent SUVs from GWM over Past 10 Years with Huge Success and Quick Rise to Global SUV Leadership
Insight into HAVAL and Its Brand DNA to Create Sought-after Intelligent SUVs from GWM over Past 10 Years

It is definitely not easy for a company to secure leadership in the automobile market that is highly competitive in every region worldwide, especially in China as the world's largest automobile market. HAVAL, an SUV brand by Great Wall Motor (GWM), has however broken records again and again to rise as the leader in its home country with great pride and continues to bring the brand to global popularity in overseas markets across the world. This year, Thailand is GWM's newest destination with HAVAL spearheading the foray into this market.

Since its entrance, GWM has shown consistent efforts to study the Thai market, make friends with Thai people, and communicate its brands and products. These included the company's decision to give the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV its world premiere in Thailand at the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show with enthusiastic feedback from Thai consumers along with release of engaging ads, resulting in growing familiarity of Thai people with HAVAL. As a prelude to official sales of the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV soon, it is interesting to know HAVAL more insightfully and recount how the brand quickly grew to global popularity.

The First Decade Towards the Goal as a World-leading SUV Brand
HAVAL is today a global SUV brand with flagship models including HAVAL H6, the best-selling SUV in China for eight years running. The origin of H6 dates back to 2011 when it was introduced as an intelligent SUV with solid performance and utility, which won this model a "CCTV Utility Vehicle" award the following year . In 2013, GWM officially launched HAVAL marque as its key SUV brand and released HAVAL H6 Sport edition the same year, followed by HAVAL H6 Coupe variant in 2015.

HAVAL took H6 into the era of all-around driving safety with introduction of the 2nd generation HAVAL H6, which was marketed from 2017 to 2019 with huge popularity through its period. In 2020, the 3rd Generation HAVAL H6 debuted and continues to be the favorite SUV for its ability to meet diverse driving preferences of the consumers. Thanks to continuous improvements, HAVAL H6 has been the best-selling SUV in China for 91 consecutive months with cumulative sales exceeding three million units since its first launch. It won international awards in numerous markets, being named the Most Valuable SUV in Australia and the Best SUV Model in Chile, for example.

Besides HAVAL H6, many other models from HAVAL are gaining more and more popularity. HAVAL F7 is a popular F Series model that comes equipped with the latest connectivity technology. HAVAL Big Dog is a new, individual model that clearly differentiate itself as the ideal SUV for outdoor enthusiasts. HAVAL H9 shines as an intelligent large-size SUV with a full host of features and functionalities. HAVAL is the first SUV brand from China that has achieved six-million-unit breakthrough with cumulative sales currently above 6.5 million units, and it and continues to thrive as the best-selling SUV brand in China for eleven years in a row .

Most recently, HAVAL has launched a new brand DNA characterized by its bold attitude to think, to do, to build, and to play without limits. The brand unveiled newly developed models including the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, HAVAL JOLION, and HAVAL CHITU (HAVAL Red Rabbit) as well as concept cars HAVAL X Dog and HAVAL XY to cover every aspect of consumer expectation and connect with Gen Zers by addressing their specific needs. HAVAL also announced a target to achieve sales of 1.3 million units globally by 2023.

HAVAL - Leading SUV Brand with World-class Technology and Unique Marketing Strategy
Behind HAVAL's success are user-friendly and practical technologies that make driving much more convenient, thanks to dedicated efforts of the company's global R&D team in more than ten R&D centers across seven countries worldwide. As an example, the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV is equipped with LIFE+ intelligent system to enrich the driving experiences in every journey with following technologies.

L - Level 2 Autonomy (L2)
I - Intelligence V3.5 for a driving experience enriched with great convenience
F - Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA)
E - EYEQ4 intelligent chip with faster processing performance
+ (Plus) a lot more from GWM LEMON Hybrid DHT technology that combines advanced safety systems with cutting-edge design and features four selectable driving modes—Standard, Sport, Economy, and Slippery Road—for driving needs on different road conditions.

The All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV made its world debut at the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show in March this year. As the first model to be marketed in Thailand by GWM, it will soon be launched officially within the second quarter to underscore xEV Leader strategy, which positions GWM as the leader of electric vehicles in Thailand with a commitment to deliver new excellences to Thai motorists across areas of NEW ENERGY, NEW EXPERIENCE and NEW LUXURY.

Since its early days, HAVAL's continuing development endeavor has been instrumental to delivery of SUVs that stands out in every respect, from powerful performance, intelligent technologies and unmatched safety systems to luxurious styling and design and superb functionality. With all models it marketed over the past ten years and into the future, HAVAL will continue to be the SUV brand that addresses diverse needs of consumers globally.

As the Global Mobility Technology Company, GWM is highly committed to the development of Thai automotive industry. The company is today ready to give Thai consumers an experience of next generation electric vehicles. Leading its market foray with flagship HAVAL brand that is rich in technology, innovation and has already established consumer trust worldwide, GWM is paving its way to become a top-of-mind automaker in Thailand with a commitment to deliver automobiles with intelligent technology and unmatched driving experience while supporting sustainable growth and development of Thailand's electric vehicle industry and the economy at large.

About Great Wall Motor
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