InVent announces investments in Datafarm and Swift Dynamics, leading startups in Cybersecurity and IoT, aligning with potential 5G growth

Wednesday 03 March 2021 11:29
InVent, the corporate venture capital arm of Intouch Holdings PLC. or INTOUCH invests in 2 new tech startups which are Datafarm in Series A round, a Thai cyber-security startup providing penetration tests and IT audits to government agencies and top commercial enterprises and Swift Dynamics in Pre-Series A, a Thai startup developing construction and facility management software that uses IoT technology to connect multiple devices to the cloud.
InVent announces investments in Datafarm and Swift Dynamics, leading startups in Cybersecurity and IoT, aligning with potential 5G growth

Dr. Narongpon Boonsongpaisan, Head of InVent by Intouch Holdings PLC., shared,  "We consider this as a great opportunity for InVent to invest in Datafarm and Swift Dynamics. The two companies are leading startups in Thailand's Cybersecurity and IoT sectors while their technologies will support corporates to strongly step into the fully-digitized 5G era. Cybersecurity is crucial in strengthening customer trust and hedging business risks whereas IoT is key technology to collect Big Data from myriad number of devices' parameters, especially in Smart City, Smart Home, and Smart Manufacturing, providing a capability to analyze and alert the users in real-time."

"Currently enterprises increasingly adopt work-from-home policy; therefore, users require to connect from external through the firewall, which has resulted in higher numbers of cybersecurity issues in APAC. With Datafarm's solutions, enterprises can prevent cyber risks and increase protection to their IT infrastructure. On the other hand, Swift Dynamics has developed construction and facility management by integrating IoT technology to connect systems on cloud. This helps enhance enterprise efficiency and resource utilization while, at the same time, reinforcing Thailand in stepping into being a genuine Smart City."

Datafarm, Professional testing services on Cybersecurity

Datafarm is Cybersecurity consulting company that operated since 2012 and provide 3 main services which are the following:

  • Penetration Testing (Pentest) - Penetration Testing is to identify any weak spots in a system's defenses which attackers could take advantage of which requires the cyber-security expert attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system by simulated attack based on standard and methodologies from global community.
  • Vulnerability Assessment (VA) - Vulnerability assessment is the process to review of security weakness identifying and any known vulnerabilities in computer systems and network infrastructure.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting - Security Consulting Services accelerate your digital transformation journey to implement cybersecurity measures, design and choose the most effective and suitable security solutions follow the global standard eg. NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI-DSS, PDPA/GDPR.

Mr. Pisuttisak Chongboonchuer, CEO of Datafarm, shared, "This investment by InVent empowers our company to build-up team of professionals in Cybersecurity which Thai people have the ability in this field as well as other nations. Company have been developing automated tools that help identify and assess system vulnerabilities for small and medium enterprise (SME), as well as startups and government agencies. The tools focus on ease of use and can be compiled according to various standards/requirements at an affordable price which it is scheduled to be released by the end of this year. Furthermore, we have received great cooperation from AIS as a partner to make our Cybersecurity services can reach to a wider range of organizations in Thailand.

From funding support and business cooperation with Intouch affiliates, and tremendous increasing of Cybersecurity market, company expects revenue will increase to 300% within three to five years and expands consulting services to cover all industries to drive and enhance the Cybersecurity of the whole country."

Swift Dynamics, a leading construction & facility IoT-driven management provider in Thailand

The emerging technology of Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G bring us a step closer to smart construction technology. Swift Dynamics, a leading construction & facility IoT-driven management provider, has owns an innovative and proprietary IoT technology embedded with a variety of communication protocols such as WiFi, NB-IoT, and 4G/5G. Their products are able to integrate with other APIs to support 3rd party software integration and able to expand their use cases in various industries. Their two main products include:

  • Sitearound - Digitizing Construction Business with E2E Software Solution
  • Sentenance - Enhancing Facility Management with IoT-Enabled Solution

With a new era of 5G network supporting high bandwidth connectivity, site engineer and maintenance technician can communicate with their head office wirelessly and seamlessly through Sitearound, and Sentenance, respectively. Bigger data can be transferred, and communication time will be shortened. This will help increase the productivity after all.

Dr. Natee Singhaputtangkul, CEO and Co-Founder of Swift Dynamics, shared, "Swift Dynamics is one of the very few firms in Thailand providing customers with all-in-one IoT-based solutions using 5G networks. We now have two main products: Sitearound Construction Management Platform and Sentenance Facility Management Platform. We also develop our own IoT devices and integrate this into both platforms. Currently, many of our clients from a wide range of industries apply Sitearound and Sentenance to manage their projects and facilities. Our next milestone is to embed AI into our solutions for smart construction management, smart facility management, production, predictive maintenance, and so on. In addition, Swift Dynamics aims to spearhead development of IoT solutions to drive the Thai economy and make everyone's life easier.

Mr. Nick Jaroensawad, Co-Founder and CTO of Swift Dynamics shared, "Swift Dynamics plans to expand its business to overseas in the next 5 years for both Sitearound and Sentenance. As the global revenue of IoT devices in 2025 reach 3 Trillion USD with 21.5 billion IoT devices installed worldwide, Swift Dynamics targets to develop Sitearound and Sentenance to be ranked as a global tier-1 construction management and IoT-based facility management platform in 2025."

INTOUCH has confidence that investments in advanced technologies to be used with 5G will benefit all people as well as corporates, which will translate into creation of economic growth for Thailand.

About Datafarm

DATAFARM is experienced and certified IT Security company. Our Security Services help you identify vulnerability, predict attacks and evaluate risk to protect your data from cyber attack. We are specialist in information security. Our main services include vulnerability assessment (VA) and penetration testing (Pentest). These services help increase the overall capability of IT system from attacking, thus cause the business works without interruptions. We have experienced and certified team members to identify weak areas, simulate attack, evaluate the risk, then, and give the recommendation to our client to protect their IT system.

For more information, please visit www.datafa/…

About Swift Dynamic

Swift Dynamic is one of the most innovation products & services companies in Thailand. We are the market leader in the fields of IoT for Smart City, Construction Management Platform, and Facility Management Platform in Thailand. It was founded in 2018. Swift Dynamic owns an innovative technology related to IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Indoor tracking, etc. in the above area. We are not a software company or manufacturer, but we are an end-to-end solution provider. We help our clients strive for the next level of success and have more than 100 clients in Thailand and overseas.

For more information, please visit www.swiftdynamic/…

About InVent by Intouch Holdings

InVent is a Corporate Venture Capital of Intouch Holdings PLC (SET: INTUCH) which invests in high-growth and emerging technology startups. InVent is the pioneer CVC in tech startup ecosystem in Thailand. Currently, InVent invests in promising startups across all stages, which are based primarily in Thailand and Southeast Asia and other regions. InVent is committed to helping companies to innovate, grow and expand by leveraging our industry experience and network. Our industry focus is across a wide range of sectors; Telecommunication and Infrastructure, IT-related businesses, Digital Lifestyle, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, 5G-related Technology, IoT, Cybersecurity, Smart Cities and other Smart Solutions. Since 2012, InVent has already invested in more than 20 startups covering a range of industries and technology.

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Source: INTOUCH Holdings