Hokkaido’s special combo sets available at Tsubohachi

Monday 12 June 2017 10:35
Hokkaidos special combo sets available at Tsubohachi
Tsubohachi, home of authentic Izakaya style dishes comes up with two alternative special combo sets for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Starting off with Combo Set X2 comprises of Salmon Zanmai, Beef or Pork Sukiyaki (Small), Tsubohachi Caesar Salad, Renkon chips, and dessert menu Roll De Maccha. (779 baht) and Combo Set X4, serving Sushi 20 Kan, Beef or Pork Sukiyaki (Large), Sappinmori, Okonomiyaki Style Ika Tempura, Green Salad, and Roll De Maccha (1,389 baht) You can enjoy more with 5 choices of a la carte dish in special prices, features Maguro Sashimi, Zuwaigani Masu-Zushi, California Roll, Tonkatsu, and Asari Sakemushi. Come taste the freshness and deliciousness of these tasty combo sets with your friends and family from June 1 – July 31, 2017 at Tsubohachi's The Promenade and Future Park Rangsit branch. Tel. 064-184-7109, for more information, please call 02-000-2180. For latest updates and new promotions from Tsubohachi, please visit www.tsubohachi-tha.com and Facebook fanpage: TsubohachiTh.