IMPACT steps forward to expand its Japanese restaurant business ‘Tsubohachi’ with a 4th Location

Sunday 24 August 2014 13:57
In addition to its significant success in operating the exhibition and convention center, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co.,Ltd. also led its restaurant business to achieve another major milestone with the expansion of 19 restaurants located both in and outside exhibition center.

Recently, IMPACT has joined hands with a famous Japanese brand “Tsubohachi”, an authentic Izakaya-style restaurant from Hokkaido, which started its first branch at Nihonmura Mall, Thonglor 13 on October 24, 2013. IMPACT made a further progress by kicking off the second branch at BEE Hive Lifestyle Mall, Muang Thong Thani, followed by the third branch at Nihonmachi Japanese Mall, Sukhumvit 26. The newly opened fourth branch of Tsubohachi was launched on August 12, 2014 at Thaniya, Silom, targeting those who are in the business area. This emphasizes a beautiful success of IMPACT as a new chic and lifestyle leader who introduced the authentic Izakaya-style restaurant that captures a huge interest of customers.

With high potential restaurant management of professional team including experienced chefs and staff from IMPACT and Tsubohachi, as well as the certification of Food Safety Management System or ISO 22000, IMPACT is able to create trust among its customers. Offering only premium and fresh ingredients imported from Japan at reasonable prices, the four branches of Tsubohachi can fully respond to different types of customers including Japanese, Thai, office staff as well as family both in and outside Bangkok.

Tsubohachi, the leading authentic Izakaya-style restaurant from Hokkaido, is ready to deliver you the finest quality of traditional Japanese dishes. Come and experience a real taste of Japanese cuisine at one of our 4 branches :Nihonmura Mall, Thonglor 13, Tel. 02-185-3323, Bee Hive Lifestyle Mall, Tel. 02-000-2180, Nihonmachi Japanese Mall, Tel. 02-262-0331 and Thaniya, Tel. 02-266-5380 or visit