Baume & Mercier Presents Gerard Rancinan - Caroline Gaudriault Through "The Photographer" Exhibit-Installation on the Palais de Tokyo Mezzanine in Paris

Friday 21 November 2008 10:00
- An Exceptional Evening With Reza, James Nachtwey, David Burnett, Elliott Erwitt

The Preview

Baume & Mercier CEO Michel Nieto, Caroline Gaudriault and G?rard Rancinan had the very great pleasure of unveiling "The Photographer" on the Palais de Tokyo Mezzanine in Paris at a world premier preview.

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This unique evening stood out for the exceptional presence of many grand masters of contemporary photography, such as Reza, James Nachtwey, David Burnett, Elliott Erwitt, Antonin Kratochvil, Roman Opalka, Ragnar Axelsson and many others.

Since the exhibit was scheduled at the same time as Paris Photo, the international elite of the photography world was on hand, along with aficionados such as Pascal Gentil, Sandrine Quetier, Adriana and

Christian Karembeu to get the first look at this moving exhibit.

The Project and Baume & Mercier's Involvement in Photography A few years ago, as Baume & Mercier was looking for a true area of expression, photography naturally suggested itself by virtue of its identical heritage based on strong values of proximity, timelessness, memory, technology, quality, expertise, universality and accessibility. After all, does not photography also measure passing time, by stopping it?

Always in tune with its times, Baume & Mercier intuitively turned to what is now considered a major art of the 21st century. So for several years now, Baume & Mercier has endeavored to work alongside the most

important institutions and festivals, and the most talented photographers, all over the world.

With "The Photographer," Baume & Mercier reaffirms its commitment to photography and does a bit more championing of its position as a contemporary watchmaker curious to capture the memory of today and


The Swiss watchmaking company has no desire to remain an observer; rather, it wants to participate in a world that resembles its own, by becoming the "originator, producer and co-director" of a photography

project. That is why it has joined forces with Caroline Gaudriault and G?rard Rancinan to dream up a voyage interspersed with encounters with the living masters of contemporary photography* at various stops around the world. It is a tribute to the greatest witnesses of our times. Yet Baume & Mercier did not micromanage G?rard Rancinan's and Caroline Gaudriault's creative choices at all. CEO Michel Nieto explains "the only requirements we set for them were to immortalize some contemporary photographers and to successfully retranscribe their initial vision of the world."

SOURCE: Baume et Mercier

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