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Volvo Cars ข่าวประชาสัมพันธ์ “Volvo Cars”

CATL จับมือ Volvo Car Group เซ็นสัญญาจัดหาแบตเตอรี่มูลค่าหลายพันล้านดอลลาร์ พลังงาน—๑๕ พ.ค. ๖๒

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. ลงนามในข้อตกลงระยะยาวกับ OEM Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) เพื่อรับรองการส่งมอบแบตเตอรี่ลิเธียมไอออนมูลค่าหลายพันล้านดอลลาร์สำหรับรถ Volvo และ Polestar รุ่นใหม่ในช่วง 10

CATL and Volvo Car Group Sign multi-billion-dollar battery supply deal Energy—๑๕ พ.ค. ๖๒

A long-term agreement has been signed between Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) and the world's top-tier OEM Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) to ensure multi-billion-dollar supply of lithium ion batteries over the coming decade for next

Volvo Cars sets new global sales record in breaks 600,000 sales milestone Automotive—๙ ม.ค. ๖๒

Volvo Cars set a new global sales record in 2018, breaking the 600,000 sales milestone for the first time ever since the company was founded in 1927. The company's sales rose 12.4 per cent to 642,253 cars in 2018, compared with the same period the year

Volvo 360c concept calls for universal safety standard for autonomous car Automotive—๑๗ ต.ค. ๖๑

With its new 360c autonomous concept, Volvo Cars tackles one of the main challenges around the introduction of autonomous technology and calls for a new, global standard in how autonomous vehicles can safely communicate with all other road

Volvo Car Thailand announced the new appointment of Mr.Chana Nuchniyom as PR Manager and Event Automotive—๑๑ มิ.ย. ๖๑

Volvo Cars (Thailand) Ltd., has announced the appointment of Mr. Chana Nuchniyom as PR and Event Manager, Volvo Cars (Thailand) Ltd., effective as of 1st June, 2018. Mr. Chana succeeds Ms. Nuttha Jittrakom, who is now set to take up a new position as the

Trucks and Cars Alert Each Other in Traffic - Pioneering Cooperation Between Volvo Trucks and Volvo Automotive—๗ พ.ค. ๖๑

Volvo Trucks is introducing a cloud-based service, Connected Safety, which allows Volvo trucks and Volvo cars to automatically alert each other to hazardous traffic situations. Thanks to pioneering collaboration, two independent vehicle manufacturers are

Unilever, Campbell Soup Company, Church Dwight, Shell, Subway, And Volvo Cars Support Global IT—๑๘ ส.ค. ๖๐

Hulu, Spotify, Teads, comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science and Moat Among First Publishers and Tech Partners Embracing Global Push for Higher Viewability Partners to Study Performance Metrics for Social and Newsfeed Video GroupM , the media

Unilever, Campbell Soup Company, Church Dwight, Shell, Subway และ Volvo Cars ไอที—๑๘ ส.ค. ๖๐

Hulu, Spotify, Teads, comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science และ Moat เป็นผู้โฆษณาและหุ้นส่วนทางเทคโนโลยีรายแรกๆ ที่น้อมรับมาตรฐานระดับโลกในการโปรโมทแบรนด์ต่างๆสู่สายตาผู้บริโภคมากขึ้น พันธมิตรของ GroupM

Thanachart Bank and Volvo Car Thailand Enter Partnership to grow in Premium Car Stcoks—๒๗ มี.ค. ๖๐

Thanachart Bank reiterates its number one status in Thai car hire purchase industry with latest expansion aiming at 20% boost in the premium car segment now partnering with Volvo Cars, plus special offers at the Bangkok International Motor Show. Mr.

Ericssons software innovation accelerates Volvo in-car experience Telecom—๓ มี.ค. ๕๙

- Ericsson software enhances driver entertainment and productivity while in self-drive mode, offering seamless highway media viewing supported by network awareness data and analytics - Volvo Cars is a partner of the initiative investigating different new

นวัตกรรมซอฟท์แวร์ของ Ericsson สรรค์สร้างประสบการณ์ขับขี่ในรถอัตโนมัติของ สื่อสาร—๓ มี.ค. ๕๙

- ซอฟท์แวร์ของ Ericsson จะช่วยสร้างความบันเทิงและผลิตภาพแก่ผู้ขับขี่ขณะที่อยู่ในโหมดรถยนต์ขับอัตโนมัติ ทำให้สามารถรับชมสื่อต่างๆบนถนนหรือทางด่วนได้อย่างราบรื่น โดยจะได้รับข้อมูลและการวิเคราะห์สถานะช่วยเหลือจากเครือข่ายได้ - Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars# New Beginning Brand Campaign Featuring Avicii Goes Live Automotive—๘ พ.ค. ๕๘

Volvo Cars' and Avicii's new video goes live on today at 20:50 CET. You can see the video here . The creative collaboration between Swedish artist/producer Avicii and Volvo Cars for their new brand campaign features a reworking of the classic song

Volvo Cars and Artist Producer Avicii Feeling Good About the Future Automotive—๖ พ.ค. ๕๘

Volvo Cars and Swedish artist & producer Avicii announce a creative cooperation to celebrate their Swedish roots with a new recording and music video, due for global release on May 8th. The collaboration will form the basis for a global brand

Volvo Cars# Connected Car Program Delivers Pioneering Vision of Safety and Automotive—๒ มี.ค. ๕๘

- Volvo Cars is exploring the potential safety, convenience and societal benefits of the connected car - A pilot fleet of 1,000 cars will run on Swedish and Norwegian roads this year - Reveals vision of how Volvo Cars can lead in making the connected car

Volvo Cars Presents a Unique System Solution for Integrating Self-Driving Cars Into Real Automotive—๒๐ ก.พ. ๕๘

Volvo Cars presents a unique, complete system solution that makes it possible to integrate self-driving cars into real traffic - with ordinary people in the driver's seat. To view the Multimedia News Release, please

Volvo Cars, POC and Ericsson show the World first technology connecting cycle helmet with Automotive—๑๔ ม.ค. ๕๘

- Accident data reveals: 50 per cent of all cyclists killed in traffic have collided with a car - Nearly 50,000 cyclist fatalities and injuries in the US every year (NHTSA, Nov 2013) - Unique partnership between Volvo Cars, POC and Ericsson aims to end

Volvo Cars และ POC และ อีริคสัน ร่วมสาธิตเทคโนโลยีหมวกนิรภัยแรกของโลกที่เชื่อมต่อกับรถยนต์ได้ ยานยนต์—๑๔ ม.ค. ๕๘

- ข้อมูลอุบัติเหตุในปัจจุบันเผยว่า ร้อยละ 50 ของผู้ขับขี่จักรยานยนต์ทั้งหมดที่เสียชีวิตนั้นชนกับรถยนต์ - สถิติบ่งชี้ว่าผู้ขับขี่จักรยานยนต์เกือบ 50,000 ชีวิตบาดเจ็บและเสียชีวิตในสหรัฐฯ ทุกๆ ปี ((NHTSA, พ.ย. 2013) - ความร่วมมีอระหว่าง Volvo Cars, POC และ

World First Technology Connects Cycle Helmets With Cars Automotive—๑๙ ธ.ค. ๕๗

Volvo Cars and POC to Demonstrate Life-Saving Wearable Cycling Tech Concept at International CES 2015 - With Photo - Accident data from Europe reveals about: 50 per cent of all cyclists killed in traffic have collided with a car - Nearly 50,000 cyclist

Volvo Cars Reveals the new V60 Cross Country Automotive—๕ พ.ย. ๕๗

Volvo Cars unveils the long-awaited Cross Country version of its successful V60 Sportswagon at the LA Motor Show next week. "We are delighted to add the third true Cross Country model to our product portfolio. The successful combination of dynamic

Volvo Cars Reveals 450 Horsepower High Performance Drive-E Powertrain Automotive—๗ ต.ค. ๕๗

- Triple Boost Technology takes Volvo's four-cylinder Drive-E Powertrain petrol engine to 450 HP - Further proof of Volvo's commitment to delivering driving pleasure through down-sizing Volvo delivers a unique combination of performance and efficiency

World-Premiere: The All-New Volvo XC90 Automotive—๒๗ ส.ค. ๕๗

Months of speculation ended today after Volvo Cars unveiled its all-new Volvo XC90, delivering on its promise to introduce a visually striking, premium quality seven seat SUV with world leading safety features, new powertrain technologies, an unrivalled

All-new Volvo XC90: Two World-Firsts, One of the Safest Cars in the Automotive—๒๒ ก.ค. ๕๗

Volvo Cars' all-new XC90 - which will be revealed in August - will offer the most comprehensive and technologically sophisticated standard safety package available in the automotive industry. The new technologies will take the company a significant step

Volvo Cars Adds Android Auto to its Next Generation Cars Automotive—๒๖ มิ.ย. ๕๗

Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) has joined the Open Automotive Alliance to make the Android smartphone platform available to drivers through its new ground-breaking user interface. This move brings together one of the world's most progressive car companies

All-new Volvo XC90 Officially Launched Today Automotive—๒๗ พ.ค. ๕๗

One of the most anticipated car launches of recent years - Volvo's all-new XC90 - begins today. Volvo Cars has created a launch programme that will unveil the car from the inside out, meaning that it will start by disclosing the many new interior

Volvo Pilots Ground-breaking #Roam Delivery# Service Automotive—๒๐ ก.พ. ๕๗

Volvo Cars demonstrates the potential of connected cars with deliveries direct to people's cars - Over half of people (60%) experienced delivery problems through online shopping last year - Failed first-time deliveries cost the industry an estimated

Volvo Car Group Initiates a World Unique Swedish Pilot Project with Self-driving Cars on Public General—๓ ธ.ค. ๕๖

Volvo Cars will play a leading role in the world's first large-scale autonomous driving pilot project in which 100 self-driving Volvo cars will use public roads in everyday driving conditions around the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The ground-breaking

Volvo Cars' New Drive-E Powertrains - Efficient Driving Pleasure with World-first General—๑๖ ส.ค. ๕๖

Volvo Cars' new Drive-E range of powertrains takes efficient driving pleasure to a new dimension in which the number of cylinders is no longer important to describe power and drivability. To view the Multimedia News Release, please

Volvo S80 spins off new “Business” line with “S80 2.5 FT

Volvo Cars unveiled “S80 2.5FT Business”, a new segment targeting businesses which spare no expenses. The new variant will help enhance organizations’ success opportunities with greater flexibility on fuel blend, ranging from 100%

วอลโว่ปรับโฉมเว็บไซต์ใหม่ สร้างประสบการณ์ประทับใจลูกค้าผ่านเน็ต ยานยนต์—๑๘ ม.ค. ๕๓

วอลโว่ คาร์ เผยเว็บไซต์วอลโว่โฉมใหม่ www.volvocars.co.th เจเนอเรชั่นที่ 3 เน้นรูปแบบทันสมัย พร้อมเทคโนโลยีอัจฉริยะ เรียนรู้ความต้องการของลูกค้า ช่วยให้ค้นหาข้อมูลตรงใจได้ง่ายขึ้น สร้างประสบการณ์ประทับใจกับความสะดวก รวดเร็วกว่าเดิม

Design Your Own Volvo C30 with Adhesive Applique Film

Chequered roof or butterflies on the bonnet? A striped car, or why not one covered in polka-dots? 20 more or less daring designs can be chosen by buyers of a new Volvo C30. As of April 7, Volvo Cars in Sweden is the first car brand to make it possible