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เครือข่ายความร่วมมือองค์กรธุรกิจอุตสาหกรรมก่อสร้างไทยด้านเศรษฐกิจหมุนเวียน (CECI) หารือแนวทางการจัดการและลดเศษวัสดุในอุตสาหกรรมก่อสร้าง ปฏิทินข่าว—๑๔ ก.ค. ๖๓

เครือข่ายความร่วมมือองค์กรธุรกิจอุตสาหกรรมก่อสร้างไทยด้านเศรษฐกิจหมุนเวียน หรือ Circular Economy in Construction Industry (CECI) นำโดยเอสซีจี พร้อมด้วยองค์กรชั้นนำในอุตสาหกรรมก่อสร้าง

Polyplastics Targets DURANEX(R) PBT Grades for Autonomous Driving Applications Automotive—๑๔ ก.ค. ๖๓

As the automotive industry makes a strong shift to electric vehicles, Polyplastics Co., Ltd., a leading global supplier of engineering plastics, sees strong potential for its innovative resin products in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) parts

AIS 5G strengthens the eSports industry by launching the AIS eSports STUDIO The first ASEAN eSports IT—๑๓ ก.ค. ๖๓

AIS continues to move on the eSports strategy in the second half of the year with one of the missions in bringing 5G to recover the country, besides the determination to bring digital innovation together with establishing alliances in every part of the

Electric Power Industry Needs Urgent Transformation, Huawei's New ICT Empowers Smart IT—๑๐ ก.ค. ๖๓

Today marked the Seventh Huawei Global Power Summit themed "Bits Drive Watts, Building a Fully Connected Smart Grid". Held online, the summit invited global customers, partners, industry experts, and thought leaders in the electric power industry to

Electric Power Industry Needs Urgent Transformation, Huawei's New ICT Empowers Smart Energy—๙ ก.ค. ๖๓

Today marked the Seventh Huawei Global Power Summit themed "Bits Drive Watts, Building a Fully Connected Smart Grid". Held online, the summit invited global customers, partners, industry experts, and thought leaders in the electric power industry to

!important - The First App that Could Save Your Life Automotive—๗ ก.ค. ๖๓

Of all 250,000 pedestrian fatalities a year, 65% present a massive problem for the automotive industry. A Berkeley based startup may have just solved the problem. A French automotive study [i] shows that pedestrian deaths come from 20 common scenarios,

กระทรวงอุตสาหกรรม ชูอินดัสตรีบับเบิล เชื่อมนิวซีแลนด์เสริมแกร่งเกษตรอุตสาหกรรมสองประเทศ ทั่วไป—๗ ก.ค. ๖๓

กระทรวงอุตสาหกรรม หารือ นิวซีแลนด์ ผนึกกรอบความร่วมมือ อินดัสตรีบับเบิล (Industry Bubble) เสริมศักยภาพเกษตรอุตสาหกรรมสองประเทศ แลกเปลี่ยนองค์ความรู้เกษตรยั่งยืนและเทคโนโลยีนวัตกรรม เพื่อเสริมความแข็งแกร่งในสองภูมิภาค นายสุริยะ จึงรุ่งเรืองกิจ

CBRE Reveals The Transformation of Thai Hotels Under the 'New Normal’ Events—๗ ก.ค. ๖๓

The effects from COVID-19 could be prolonged even when its short-term effects have ended. CBRE, a leading international property consultant, expects the hotel industry will undergo inevitable changes as part of the 'new normal’, including an added

AIS sets Thailand as the leader of 5G SA network innovation Join HUAWEI for Thais to experience IT—๗ ก.ค. ๖๓

AIS stands as one of the most reliable 5G network leaders in the country, with the highest and best spectrum to deliver more benefit for Thais, announced significant achievements and pride for the global telecommunications industry by collaborate with

The Key to the Global Economic Recovery: A Full Restart of the Exhibition General—๗ ก.ค. ๖๓

wire & Tube China 2020 will meet with you as scheduled in this September to steer the recovery of the global economy At present, the COVID-19 epidemic has been effectively controlled in China, and some overseas countries have managed to stabilize

MOAC collaborates with the private sector to form 3,000 Smart Farming Hedge Funds for Stcoks—๓ ก.ค. ๖๓

“Agriculture in Thailand is one of the main drives of economic development of Thailand also grassroots of food for the security of the country and to the world. As the majority of Thais in the agricultural industry, MOAC has the policy to create a

HeiQ Viroblock Certified as Cosmetic Grade and Bio-based Renewable General—๒ ก.ค. ๖๓

Textile innovator HeiQ's antiviral textile technology, HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, has been certified as safe and sustainable as all its ingredients are cosmetic grade, bio-based, and recycled. Leading the international textile industry to fight the COVID-19

The Business and Strategy of the Finance Industry General—๒ ก.ค. ๖๓

Online training course on "The business and strategy of the finance industry" Date: 12 - 31 July 2020 Faculty Name: Mr. Chris Lobello About the speaker: Educated in the US and at INSEAD (EMBA), Chris has worked in Asian ?nancial markets for most of his

Experience the Ultra Fast, Zero Blind Spots Connection with AirEngine 6760 X1 IT—๒ ก.ค. ๖๓

Huawei redefined Wi-Fi industry benchmarks with the launch of two new indoor access points from its AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Series: Huawei AirEngine 6760-X1 and AirEngine 6760-X1E. The IEEE 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) APs guarantee ultra-fast connection for optimal

50 Best Releases Its First-Ever E-cookbook Featuring Recipes From the World's Top Chefs and General—๒ ก.ค. ๖๓

The organisation behind The World's 50 Best Restaurants has released its first ever e-cookbook, entitled Home Comforts: simple lockdown recipes from the world's best chefs and bartenders, featuring recipes that the world's most revered chefs are cooking

LIXIL Thailand sets the standard for the Sanitaryware industry in the 'New Normal’ Events—๑ ก.ค. ๖๓

LIXIL is a maker of pioneering water and housing products that solve everyday, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. LIXIL Thailand led by Audrey Yeo, General Manager, LWT, LIXIL (Thailand) Public Company, today,

Cloud4C, World's Leading Cloud Managed Services Provider, Appoints Industry Leaders to Strengthen Events—๑ ก.ค. ๖๓

Cloud4C, World's leading cloud managed services provider, is set to expand its footprint in the ASEAN region with the appointment of key leaders. Manish Kohli, Vice President, Alliances & GTM Partnerships and Hitesh Bhardwaj, Vice President,

Zyxel simplifies WiFi security, opens up Nebula API to build a cloud networking ecosystem with IT—๓๐ มิ.ย. ๖๓

Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI- and cloud-powered business and home solutions, today released the latest update to its Nebula Cloud Networking Solution. The update features the industry’s first DPPSK for simplified WiFi security

XCMG Kicks Off 2020 China "Shovel Industry Heroes" Championship in General—๒๙ มิ.ย. ๖๓

XCMG (SHE: 000425), the leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturer, has kicked off the 2020 "Shovel Industry Heroes" Championship (the "Championship") in Xi'an, China to celebrate and support loader operators, while showcasing the strength of

XCMG เปิดฉากการแข่งขัน 2020 China "Shovel Industry Heroes" Championship ทั่วไป—๓๐ มิ.ย. ๖๓

บริษัท XCMG (SHE: 000425) ผู้ผลิตเครื่องจักรก่อสร้างชั้นนำของจีน เปิดฉากการแข่งขัน 2020 "Shovel Industry Heroes" Championship ที่เมืองซีอาน ประเทศจีน เพื่อเฉลิมฉลองและสนับสนุนผู้ประกอบการด้านรถตัก พร้อมโชว์ความแข็งแกร่งของเทคโนโลยีและผลิตภัณฑ์จาก

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Partner to General—๓๐ มิ.ย. ๖๓

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (the Alliance) today announced a strategic partnership with China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) to jointly promote the reduction and elimination of plastic waste in the natural environment in China.

Huawei unveils 5G trend in Thailand, aims to build ecosystem revolutionizing IT—๒๙ มิ.ย. ๖๓

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that Thailand is one of 5G technology leaders in ASEAN, and the 5G ecosystem will help create new business opportunities from quality and model of new services. Additionally, by utilizing application and

Hisense Air Conditioner Getting World's First JQA's Fresh Air Certification IT—๒๙ มิ.ย. ๖๓

Recently, Quality Assurance Organization of Japan (JQA), the Japan's state-authorized certification organization, has concluded that Hisense Fresh Master Air Conditioner fully meets industry standards in the Japanese market after a series of professional

Thaicom and CAT announce Satellite Business Joint Venture Events—๒๙ มิ.ย. ๖๓

Thaicom Public Company Limited and CAT Telecom Public Company Limited today announced a satellite business joint venture in order to strengthen Thailand’s telecommunications infrastructure and to support the growth of the digital economy industry

10 big industries - the great veins of the country - join to bring a new 5G Digital Infrastructure Events—๒๙ มิ.ย. ๖๓

The coordinate from the strength of leading 10 big industries, which is the great veins of the country, to join the mission of bringing 5G technology to recover the country. This time led by the telecommunications industry, AIS offered to be the center

INC Webinar Series Connects Over 1,500 Professionals From 75 Countries in the Nut and Dried Fruit General—๒๒ มิ.ย. ๖๓

Plant-based protein and new consumption channels are key for the nut and dried fruit industry in the midst of COVID-19 INC Webinar Highlights: https://youtu.be/VHrE6J6fUpc The International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) launched a series of


A long list of Thai MICE venue operators are exhibiting their new health measures ready to be executed for the debut of business events after the government allowed MICE industry to restart with no limit on size and attendance under the fourth-phase