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Great establishment of "REBUILD" innovation At BuildTech’12, ConXpo’12 and Energy Saving’12 (3in1)

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ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก

BuildTech’12, ConXpo’12 and Energy Saving’12 (3in1 exposition), under concept REBUILD at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) from April 5th to 8th, 2012, has been impressively finished. This exposition has been a great opportunity for numerous visitors to purchase high quality construction and decoration materials, including energy saving equipments since the concept "REBUILD" means the main objective of the exhibition organizer is to use this exposition as the assembly location of architectural experts and grand product exhibition of high quality construction and decoration including energy saving product for people, especially the disaster victim, to choose and purchase suitable equipment or material for rebuilding their residence with best way of operation.

For visitors, who were not able to attend this exposition, we have summarized the highlight of this exposition as follows. Start with the Architect Workshop Fair, the great presentation of workshop and detail that related to objectives and role of Architect Council of Thailand for long term city renovation. The next one is Energy Saving Home Presentation, the presentation of innovative construction, decoration material and energy saving technology for reducing energy. There was also the modern and attractive innovation such as Floating House Display, presentation of innovation that related to floating material and equipment called "Jigsaw buoy" for handling flood disasters. After that, there was After Flooding Design Fair, Presentation of innovation that related to water, land and house, for reconstructing or purchasing new resident planning by suitable materials, in order to be safe from flood disasters. Then there was Thai Never Forget Flood Disaster Exhibition, the presentation of various designs to prevent disaster from designers, artists and academician, in order to create new and modern idea as great preparation for flood disaster in long term. Furthermore, there was exhibition from education institutes as presentation of ways and education courses including distribution of book from universities around the country. At last, there was Thesis Fair, presentation of thesis of students from leading universities in Thailand.

Other interesting points are Designer Hub, free consulting and recommendation in design and decoration by freelance designers, and Energy Clinic, free consulting for energy saving issues.

The visitors also received free sufficient house and energy saving house plans, "After Flooding Design" pocket book, Ra - away solution, EM solution, chemical solution with instruction and 6 species of sacred sprout from Royal Forest Department.

There was an attractive competition such as the 2nd Sanitary Ware Painting Contest, the contest stage of creative from student of education institute that has design education course, the exhibitor booth contest, the Workshop Contest to create model of shelter for disaster victims and numerous attractive seminars and activities in order to share knowledge and recommend the best way of rebuild.

The exhibition booth from 3 zones, which participate in design, construction and energy saving technology with modern material and wonderful design in order to be the best choice for customers.

The first zone is BuildTech’12, Building and Decoration Technology exposition. The highlights are Solar Single Roof from Home Builder Co., Ltd., the special roof that can create electricity from sunlight, J.D. Pool Robot, pool automatic cleaning robot from J.D. Pool (Bangkok) Co., Ltd. and Polyvinylchloride flooring plate or PVC floor, the latest innovation of flooring plate that can be installed without gluing. This plate is scratch proof with smooth surface that look like real wood. This product is imported from Taiwan by A.J. Star International Group Co., Ltd.

The second zone is ConXpo’12, Construction Equipment and Machinery exposition with highlights such as G4 Schenker plaster sprayer from Schenker Engineering Co., Ltd., operation sprayer by loading dry cement then mix with water and spray via nozzle to reduce mixing processes, RIB LATH, metal sieve for joint work in concrete work that have to use large amount of metal and difficult to use general concrete barricade, from V & P Expanded Metal Co., Ltd.

The last zone is Energy Saving'12, energy saving technology exposition. The highlights of this exposition are ELETALINE by Green Vent Co., Ltd., energy saving ventilators that is able to reduce energy consumption at 50% as maximum and reduce installation area for air vent pipe. Moreover, T5 Silver Light by Asia Lamp Industry Co., Ltd., the environmental friendly light bulb that is manufactured from Amalgam and evaporates slower than normal bulb, in case it is broken.

See you again in BuildTech’13, ConXpo’13 and Energy Saving’13 (3in1) exposition, with more products and services for building and decoration, delivered to all visitors in the next year.

ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก


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