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Central Phuket offers the unreal travel experience at its latest a AQUARIA Phuket, Thailand#s largest aquarium and ANDASI, the world#s largest underwater restaurant

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Bangkok--12 Sep--Central Pattana

Central Pattana plc (CPN), the operator of Central Phuket, launched its latest world-class attraction known as 'Aquaria Phuket', Thailand's largest and latest aquarium and 'ANDASI', the world's largest underwater restaurant and the first underwater bar in Asia, which serves stylish fine-dining. Andasi will become a new destination to fulfill unique travel experiences that cannot be found elsewhere, strengthening Central Phuket as 'The Luxury & Leisure Resort Shopping Destination', a seamless combination of Luxury and Leisure lifestyle in one place. The official launch was held in the grand and beautiful underwater atmosphere surrounded by 51,000 aquatic animals from over 300 species with special highlight 'Mermaid Show' at Central Phuket Floresta.

CENTRAL PHUKET offers the ultimate travel experience at its latest attractions

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing of CPN, said: "We are very pleased to celebrate the official launch of 'Aquaria Phuket', Thailand's largest and latest aquarium along with 'Andasi', the world's largest underwater restaurant and the first underwater bar in Asia. These two are comparable to the final jigsaw pieces that complete Central Phuket's world-class attractions and are now fully ready to welcome tourists from around the world. We are confident that Aquaria Phuket will soon become a must-visit aquarium for tourists. This latest world-class attraction will elevate Phuket to be a true 'Global Beach Lifestyle Destination' in addition to help push forward economic growth and the tourism industry of Phuket and Thailand."

Dato' Simon Foong, Managing Director of Aquawalk Group, said: "Aquawalk Group is an edutainment company that has been well-recognized and well-known for a long time. We are proud to be a part of this edutainment attraction that will offer knowledge along with entertainment in over 10,000 sq.m. within Central Phuket Floresta. We join hands with Phuket Province and Central Phuket to establish this world-class attraction to bring in tourists from around the world. We sincerely believe that we can help to contribute in promoting Phuket as a tourism destination of choice in Asia and help to attract tourists to downtown Phuket."

'Aquaria Phuket', Thailand's largest and latest model of aquarium, with over seven-million-liter water capacity, is where more than 51,000 aquatic animals from over 300 species inhabit. It was designed under the concept of 'An Ocean of Myth and Legend', inspired by Thailand's mythology and culture from mystical Himmapan Forest to the deepest ocean. Aquaria Phuket is divided into several zones; Mystic Forest, taking guests through a land filled with creatures from Thai folklore; River Giants, the world's largest freshwater planted tank featuring Arapaima, Mekong Ray, Mekong Giant Catfish etc.; River Caves, residing playful otters; Coastal Haven, meeting the quirky and adorable penguins up close; Station Aquarius, having an interactive and educational encounter with the inhabitants; Trick Eye Museum, the world's first Augmented Reality art museum featuring the latest AR technology to produce realistic art and incredible panoramas.

Central Phuket is a world-class shopping center that can fulfill 'Luxury and Leisure' lifestyle, with leading global brands and one-and-only attractions such as 'Tales of Thailand', which replicates Thai way of life within its mall, 'Tribhum', the world's first fantasy 3D walkthrough adventure theme park and 'Aquaria Phuket', Thailand's latest aquarium letting you experience the magic and mystery of the ocean, along with Andasi, the world's largest underwater restaurant and the first underwater bar in Asia, which is now officially open.

For more information, please contact:
Ms.Chonnikarn Sophonsirinun, Public Relations Department, Central Pattana Plc.
E-Mail: sochonnikarn@cpn.co.th
Tel: +66-86-001-2120

ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก


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