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THAI Smile launched Smile for Life Campaign for the Second year Encouraging organs donation via Mr. Somkiat online advertising with seat allocation on every domestic flights for organ transportation.

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Bangkok--5 Nov--idea works communications
THAI Smile launched "Smile for Life" Campaign for the Second year Encouraging organs donation via "Mr. Somkiat" online advertising with seat allocation on every domestic flights for organ transportation.

THAI Smile Airways together with Thai Red Cross Society Organ Donation Center have now joined forces to transport organs from donors to patients awaiting transplant surgery throughout all domestic routes free of charge by running a local campaign under Smile for Life for the 2nd year. The 2-minutes online advertising campaign entitled "Mr. Somkiat" is designed to encourage and inspire potential donors to give endlessly. Organ donation is considered as the greatest give to humanities who are really in need. This underlines the social contribution of THAI Smile Airways who is entitled for transporting organs from donors to patients, providing seats for Thai Red Cross medical team to fulfill their mission via all domestic routes. This new campaign is scheduled to be broadcasted online now.

"Apart from delivering the best possible services to customers, THAI Smile is committed to contributing the society on a continuous basis," said Charita Leelayuth, Acting Chief Executive Officer, THAI Smile Airways Co., Ltd. "We have realized the importance and considerable value of organ donation being operated by the Thai Red Cross Society Organ Donation Center. Knowing that hundreds of individuals are waiting for organ transplants, we have therefore continued this campaign for the second year as part of a constructive effort reflecting the significance of organ donation. Additionally, we are very proud of taking part in supporting the medical team traveling to perform their duties and transporting donated organs from donors to recipients nationwide. Generating public awareness and engaging people to participate with the campaign are essential steps to success, we expect the online advertising can result in a better understanding of this campaign and motivate the sentiment and awareness of giving to others."

The online advertising entitled "Mr. Somkiat" is created by Dream Rider led by famous director Mr. Sanpathit Tavijaroen, whose inspiration comes from the notion that THAI Smile as a carrier transporting donated organs from donors to individuals waiting for transplantation, also conveying hopes and smiles from donors to patients as well. A smile and good wish from donors can truly create a happy smile for many others. The advertising is scheduled to broadcast online now and publicized through all THAI Smile's communication channels. It is now available for viewing through www.facebook.com/ThaiSmileAirways and Thai Smile Airways Official YouTube Channel.

Dr. Visist Dhitavat, Director of Thai Red Cross Society Organ Donation Center pointed out that one of the most crucial factors for today's medical treatment is the organ acquisition from donors who pass away in Thailand. Each year, it is estimated that there are nearly 1,000 potential donors who passed away. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions of making use of organs from donors for medical purpose. The main obstacle is the lack of accurate understanding for organ donation after one's death. However, people are being educated more about this via the campaign.

Dr. Visist further added, "At present, a large number of patients are waiting for organ transplant, especially kidney transplant. There are 6,254 patients on the waiting list, with 95% of them waiting for the kidneys, followed by livers, hearts, lungs and pancreas respectively. Previously, there are 40,000-50,000 donors signed up for the donation per year. But in the last fiscal year of 2017, there was an upward trend with a total of 89,636 registered donors as a result from continuous campaigning and better public understanding of organ donation. In 2017, organ donation increased by 60% and as of September 2018, there were 186 donors compared with 294 donors in 2017. For those 186 donors, their organs provided more than 417 patients renewed lives. We expect to reach a total of 300 donors by the end of 2018. This projection is compliance with the Ministry of Public Health's policy that clearly specifies the importance and benefits of organ donation for Thai people especially in terms of reduced medical expenses and a better quality of life."

"Organ donation and transplant are hopeful alternatives to prolong the lives of patients who are at their final-stage and failed with all kinds of treatments. Participating in organ donation campaign helps to extend and bright up the life of individuals who are in need. THAI Smile makes this possible by being a carrier to facilitate the transportation of donated organs to different destinations, thus improving the quality and safety of the organs. It also reduces the workload of medical doctors and nurses at hospitals, while shortening the waiting time of organ delivery," said Dr. Visist.

To participate in the campaign and donate (organ or money), visit the Thai Red Cross Society Organ Donation Center's website at www.organdonate.in.th.

ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก


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