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Harlan Goldstein, Hong Kong Celebrity Michelin Star Chef Lands In Thailand

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Bangkok--28 Jun--Asia Media Publising Group

Harlan Goldstein, a successful chef, entrepreneur and Hong Kong celebrity, is turning his culinary talents to Thailand by launching Harlan Goldstein's Comfort Food for Friends in the Cosy Beach area of Pattaya. The restaurant serves comfort food from the around the world which are influenced by Harlan's 38 years traveling the world as a chef. The menu encompasses Spanish, Italian, Mexican and Japanese comfort food favorites, with even one or two Thai inspired dishes thrown in. "The concept is created to make you feel relaxed andwelcome" says Harlan.

Through his attentiveness, Harlan has ensured high quality and standards in each and every project he undertakes. He insists on perfection and is involved with every aspect of the restaurant business from conception of the idea to menu design, staff selection, and training. His creative spark is ongoing and ever-changing; and he has also self-published two cookbooks, Harlan's Undressed Dinner Collection, and The Gold Collection by Harlan Goldstein.

After successfully conceiving and opening three more unique concepts in Hong Kong at number 8, Lyndhurst Terrace – EeDaLe, Mamasita's Cantina and My Thai Thai; Harlan decided to take a break from Hong Kong last year and opened his first restaurant in Thailand.

Harlan's story began in the kitchen of his uncle's New York City restaurant. At the tender age of 14, his career kicked off with a training placement in a Florida kitchen; and soon after, he shipped off for a formal apprenticeship at the prestigious Montreaux Palace Hotel in Switzerland. There, he quickly mastered the French language whilst working alongside a brigade of 80 French-speaking chefs, and returned to several prestigious roles back in the United States.

At the young age of 28, he was appointed executive chef at Shangri-La's China World Hotel in Beijing – thus beginning his culinary foray into Asia, which also included a fruitful two years in Bangkok to study Thai cuisine.

After being given carte blanche to create fine dining at Hong Kong's Aberdeen Marina Club, he succeeded in establishing the Club's reputation and gained considerable traction with a clientele who were tycoons and the most prominent entrepreneurs in Asia. Within five years, the respected Club named its signature restaurantHarlan's, speaking volumes of his achievements during his tenure.

The brand of Harlan Goldstein was born.

Harlan Goldstein's dream of opening his own restaurant was realized when, during one of the biggest bull markets in history in 2004, he openedHarlan's at IFC. The restaurant gained rapid renown among the city's mostinfluential,and quickly paved the way for the opening of three more off-venue concepts at IFC:H One, The Box and G Bar.

Harlan Goldstein's comfort is created around Goldstein's 38 years of travel, recipes, and his history as a chef. The food is the same I love to cook for family and friends in a modern approach perfect for sharing so dinners can have the full Goldstein experience. Comfort features a fully-stocked bar of craft beers, excellent wines, and created cocktails. On top of that, the outlet plays amazing music to set the vibe, making you feel relaxed and welcomed… Enjoy!

For more information, please contact:
Company: Harlan Goldstein Concepts
Phone: 061-624-5558 (Khun Aon)
Email:   AonKreth@gmail.com
Photo Caption: Harlan Goldstein - picture by Alex Slyadnev, Author of the Food & Chef

ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก


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