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Jim Thompson unveils new brand conception with vision to be the #first Southeast Asian global luxury brand at opening of worlds first #Jim Thompson Flagship Store

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Bangkok--26 Sep--verve

Jim Thompson today unfolded a major transformation to re-energise its brand with a vision to become the 'first Southeast Asian global luxury brand'. Through this new, decisive manoeuvre, it strives into a more contemporary acceptation of what luxury means today by bringing the rich, original brand heritage of Jim Thompson forward to thrive on a resolutely contemporary style. The new chapter is marked by the opening of the world's first 'Jim Thompson Flagship Store' at Siam Paragon as the debut of its genuine luxury positioning.

Dr. Gerald Mazzalovo, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Jim Thompson, revealed, "A major challenge for Jim Thompson is to heighten its positioning for future competitiveness and to articulate its identity in the global scene of luxury brands. We are aiming to become the 'first Southeast Asian global luxury brand', thriving on our Brand Identity that is comprised of two main components: Brand Ethics and Brand Aesthetics. To start off this endeavour, a focus of action has been given to team building to reinforce our brand. For instance, our Design and Development team of leading Thai and international designers has rationalised merchandising by introducing the seasonal logic along with more complete men's and women's ready-to-wear collections and introduction of new product lines, including leather handbags, silk and canvas handbags, neckties and scarves, etc. Our brand presence is escalated as well with the grand opening of 'Jim Thompson Flagship Store' at Siam Paragon in a new store concept that will be applied to our future openings in London, Paris, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, for example. Moreover, an e-commerce site is being developed and should be operational in October this year."

Mr. Jean-Christophe Vilain, Creative Director, added, "Dialectics like WEST|EAST, CULTURE| NATURE, CITY|NATURE, DOMESTICITY|WILDNESS, PAST|PRESENT, RADITION|MODERNITY, DARKNESS|COLOURS, are omnipresent in the creative process of the brand, because they come directly from its identity and continuously accompany its history. These dialectics determine the physical environment of the brand and the design of the products. We must add the substance to it, because Jim Thompson is really a brand of substance, obviously thanks to silk, and also thanks to the strong presence of tropical nature in the creative sourcing. Culture (the wealth and diversity of Southeast Asian cultures, an inexhaustible source of inspiration) and substance, give the brand its natural dimension, its legitimate vocation to be a true luxury brand and to radiate within and outside of Thailand. It is a story, a long story, which constitutes the guiding thread in the permanent elaboration of the style and the quest for continuity. It is silk, combined with the richness of patterns and colours, which constantly interrogates and characterizes the design of products and their vitality. Consistency and continuity thus permeate the process and the evolution of the style of the brand as a whole, to form a unique experience for the consumer. Today, we are in a special moment for the brand, thanks to the intensity of its creative work, all the components of the brand's universe, from the smallest to the largest, from the new packaging to the new store concept or communication campaigns, not to mention products, express the vitality of a prolific and, at the same time, very coherent style. Jim Thompson's story continues to grow."

"Jim Thompson Flagship Store The new store is not just a renovation, nor is it just a luxury store. It is a totally new, different concept, breaking away from the monotony of certain habits found in the world of luxury. The new concept is firmly anchored in the substance of the brand. A reminder: Jim Thompson had already created a physical environment characterized by the meeting of architecture, with refined interiors, and a tropical garden. It is 'the house on the klong'; so precious and emblematic in fast pace Bangkok. The new concept observes the same quest for harmony and the complementarity between garden and domestic spaces; between rapture, exoticism, and intimacy. The store's physical space plays with the harmonious contrast between the atmosphere of the garden and the alcoves distributed all around the shop to accommodate the ready-to-wear and home furnishings collections. The garden simulates the rich, mysterious, enveloping, noble, powerful, and fertile atmosphere of tropical nature. The iridescent, deep green silk curtain transcends space. Green (which speaks for itself) has been allied with brown (wood) and black (creating a density, depth, and permanent mystery) to create the natural colours of Jim Thompson. From the garden, where the products are presented as a concert of colours thanks to the richness of the silk and the prints, one can explore the alcoves and their domestic atmosphere, which has been created with precious refined notes and decorative details borrowed from Thai culture. It is the balance between overpowering nature and a delicate and controlled architecture that is at stake. The sound environment (animal and tropical rain sounds are played in the garden, while electronic rhythms and traditional Thai music plays in the alcoves) reinforces a sense of balance and singular complementarity" described Mr. Vilain.

Dr. Mazzalovo pointed out that Jim Thompson will also drive this change across all its business units: "In Food & Beverage, a new high-class Thai restaurant will open in downtown Bangkok in first quarter of 2018. Our Home Furnishings business will continue to expand overseas reinforcing its business presence in leading metropolises in USA, Europe and Asia"

Meet Jim Thompson in its new chapter as the first Southeast Asian global luxury brand today at Jim Thompson Flagship Store on M Floor in the North Zone of Siam Paragon, open from 10:00 to 21:00 hrs daily.
For more information, contact 02-129-4450 or visit website www.jimthompson.com or Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/JimThompsonThailand/.

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