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Global leaders in the association meeting industry, PCMA and UIA, choose Thailand for their high-level meetings

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Bangkok--26 Jun--TCEB
Confidence in Thailand's status as a world-class events destination is at an all time-high, according to the Thailand Conventions and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

Thailand is chosen by two global leaders in association meeting industry to host two high profile international conference, the 2017 PCMA Global Professionals Conference and the UIA's Associations Round Table Asia- Pacific 2017, in August and September respectively.

Those high-level meetings further highlight Thailand as the most preferred meeting destination in the Asia/Pacific area.

TCEB president, Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya said: "Global associations show their confidence by selecting Thailand for their meeting is of significance. It is in line with the rank of Thailand that jumped from 27th to 24th on world association meetings destination while Bangkok's ranking also climbed from 16th last year to 12th this year."

This, he said, was the results of Thailand's combined strengths including its strategic location, professional services and connectivity to destinations in Asia Pacific region, combined with close collaborations between public and private sectors to support MICE industry.

While more than 300 meetings and exhibitions, mostly international events, are lined-up for the second half of this year, Thailand is proud to be chosen also by global organizations in the meeting industry.

The US-based Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) with 6,500 members and 50,000 customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico is to host the PCMA Global Professional Conference Asia- Pacific in Bangkok, 28 to 31 August, for the first time in Asia.

Partnering with TCEB, the event will bring together global planners from top associations and corporations, along with 15 senior-level suppliers from the region, representing convention bureaus and centres to explore business opportunities in the Asia-Pacific.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau for the 2017 PCMA Global Professionals Conference -- APAC event. PCMA strives to inspire, connect and innovate the business event community globally; bringing this intimate educational program to Bangkok is of strategic importance for our participants. With world-class venues supporting a thriving economy, Thailand is a leader in state of the art service attracting business events from all over the world," Sherrif Karamat, CAE, Chief Operating Officer of PCMA said.

Meanwhile, the prestigious 100-year old Union of International Associations (UIA) will host its Associations Round Table Asia- Pacific 2017 in Chiang Mai, 21 to 22 September, the second time UIA has convened its Asia-Pacific event in Thailand, which will focus on education and skills required to manage associations.

UIA Associations Round Tables have taken place in the Asia-Pacific region annually since 2013 attracting top representatives of 91 international associations represented in 37 countries.

Commenting on the upcoming event Clara Fernandez, External Relations Manager, UIA said: With pleasure, we will come back to Thailand this time to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. We know that many associations representatives will join the Round Table attracted by the educational programme and the opportunity to network but we strongly believe that participants will come at least in equal part persuaded by the beauty of the destination and the hospitality of the people of Thailand."

TCEB, meanwhile, has also enjoyed close cooperations with the International Congress and Conference Association (ICCA). TCEB in partnership with ICCA will be hosting the 5th high-powered ICCA Thailand Seminar, 5 July in Bangkok. First introduced in 2013, the annual event aims to sharpen bidding techniques of Thai associations and suppliers.

Martin Sirk, CEO of ICCA said: "To achieve success in today's international meetings market it is no longer enough to have great infrastructure, easy accessibility and tourism appeal. Associations and companies are looking for true partners who can help them achieve their meetings' business objectives. I therefore applaud the innovative work that TCEB and our other Thai ICCA members are doing in the field of skills and capacity development, and how they are facilitating and encouraging the growth of a dynamic association community in Thailand."

About TCEB

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