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Val presents sculpture artwork at India Art Fair and Hong Kong Art Central

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Bangkok--3 Feb--Total Quality

Valerie Goutard (Val), a monumental bronze sculpture artist whose works were recently exhibited at Alliance Française Bangkok as part of the Greater Paris – Greater Bangkok: Innovating Projects Towards Inclusive Cities series of events, is bringing some of her masterpieces to some of the region's leading art exhibitions – the Indian Art Fair, and Art Central in Hong Kong.

Val's collection of monumental sculptures is created with a refreshed, curatorial approach for the "Indian Art Fair" which was held 28-31 January 2016, where South Asia leads the platform for the Modern Art community in every level of the market. Val's sculptures such as Window, Jour de fete and Volte face were on view. Val will be showcasing her artwork among the next generation of talent, alongside some of the most established contemporary artist, and galleries, from across Asia and the globe the iconic Central Harbourfront in Hong Kong during during the upcoming Art Central, 24-26 March 2016.

Her works explore the philosophical questioning about life nourished with her readings and her very deep feelings which come to conscience while observing the nature and the world with curiosity and amazement that creates the balance with the world. Her new creations look into the idea of giving a solid existence to the void and the energy surrounding us using new material in her sculptural compositions and she follows the idea of giving a greater depth and density to her architectures using mirrors allowing a possible game or "trompe l'oeil" being part of the creation.

In 2015, for her art and her singular life course abroad, she was awarded the Trophee des Français de l'Etranger (Trophy of French Expatriates) in the Art de Vivre (Art of living) section.

Some of the prominent sculptures include three pieces exhibited at Sofitel Hotel Sukhumvit. Also, she has made sculptures and exhibited them in several exhibitions at metropolitan and permanent exhibitions around Asia. "Ville Fantastique" was built by Val as a gift for the Thai people and the country of Thailand when the sculture was officially contributed to Mom Rajawongse Sukhumbhand Paribatha on August 3rd 2015.

Val's Exhibitions in 2016:

28th – 31st January 2016: Booth B19 - India Art Fair at Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, India (http://www.indiaartfair.in/). India Art Fair is South Asia's leading platform for modern and contemporary art and portal to the region's cultural landscape. The fair ranges from paintings, sculptures, photography, prints, drawings, to mixed media, and video arts.

24th – 26th March 2016: Booth D17 - Art Central at Central Harbourfront Event Space, Hong Kong (http://artcentralhongkong.com/exhibiting-galleries/?filter=r). Housed within the city's largest ever, architect-designed temporary structure, the fair will produce a dynamic program that includes interactive installations, cutting-edge new-media, engaging panel discussions, as well play host to some of Hong Kong's hottest eateries.

March 2016: Underwater performance installation of sculptures in Koh Tao, Thailand (date to be confirmed).
May 2016: Solo exhibition at Wellington Gallery, Hong Kong (date to be confirmed).

Photo caption: Some of Val's artworks that will be exhibited at India Art Fair and Hong Kong Art Central (from left to right); Row 1- Theatre of joy LV, Waiting II, Meandres urbains; Row 2 - Volte-face, Jour de fête, Window III

About Valerie Goutard (Val)

A French artist who, when she was younger, constantly moved around between South America, Africa, Europe and France. She is constantly asked to create monumental projects in public and private settings such as: Inle Balance III and Urban Gathering for the Sofitel Hotel, Bangkok or Waiting III which was installed in 2014 in Taipei New Times Square. Furthermore, her recent work in 2015 Inequilibre is displayed in Singapore's highest residential tower. Simultaneously, Val Goutard continues to display her sculptures around Asia and Europe in various galleries and art exhibitions.

Val's monumental sculptures are a combination of art and architect, in terms of art her sculptures reflects highly on the attitude and emotion of man and how they interact with nature and the surrounding environment. Many of her art work would consist of men, human shape sculptures either two or more men in the sculpture. While in terms of architect her artwork reflects structure, how a building is construct with the use of all lines and shapes in her art to reflect her message.

For more information about Val, please visit www.sculptureval.com andhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Val_(sculptor).
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Two attached documents – Val's bio and some of her Works and Public Installations

ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก


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