Thailand's Ethnic Groups and Tribal People will combine to Bless His Majesty the King of Thailand with a ceremony for 5,000 members at the Amporn Park during 5-6 May 2013

General Press Releases Thursday May 2, 2013 13:31
Bangkok--2 May--Penner-Madison

Thailand's Ethnic Groups and Tribal People Network today announces that the event, "The Combination of Thailand's Ethnic Groups and Tribal People to Bless His Majesty the King of Thailand" will be held during May 5-6, 2013 at the Amporn Park in Bangkok.

The event will see representatives of over 40 ethnic groups and tribes nationwide who will travel from the North, North East, Central, West and South of Thailand and gather to express their gratitude to His Majesty the King of Thailand. The holy ceremonies by all the ethnic groups will be dedicated to help heal the sickness of His Majesty the King. The event is being supported by CentralWorld and members of the State Enterprises Workers' Relation Confederation (SERC), including the State Railway Workers' Union of Thailand (SRUT), Thai Airways International Union, the Land Transportation Labour Union, EGAT Labour Union and Civil Society Organization.

Mrs.Chutima Morlaeku, Vice President of the Network Committee, said that over the course of many years His Majesty had conducted Royal missions into the rural areas, even the very remote districts. "His Majesty the King never excluded the ethnic groups and tribal people who live in the border regions of Thailand. Many of these communities in the jungles and mountains are very difficult to travel to, but His Majesty was never deterred. Through his kindness he provided support to underprivileged families and showed us how to live under the guidance of his Sufficient Economy Philosophy. We deeply appreciate the kindness and grace he has extended to all ethnic groups and tribal people. We have followed the news of his sickness with anxiety and concern. We always pray for him and wish him to get well very soon.

"We had gathered together for the first time in 2012 to express our appreciation for his kindness. Last year, 3,000 members of the network travelled to Bangkok and prayed together as per each group's holy ceremony to express our loyalty and to offer our blessings for His Majesty to have a healthy and long life.

"Last year's event was a success and we therefore agreed to continue holding this event for three consecutive years with the support of SERC. It is also an occasion to express the unity of ethnic groups and tribal people in Thailand who have the same objective to bless our beloved King."

Mr.Wut Boonlert, a member of the Network Committee,said: "The Combination of Thailand's Ethnic Groups and Tribal People to Bless His Majesty the King of Thailand will be arranged during May 5-6, 2013 at the Amporn Park by Thailand's Ethnic Groups and Tribal People Network. This year, the Network is expanding the participation to ethnic groups nationwide with over 40 groups and the gathering is anticipatedto be more than 5,000 persons. They will assemble at the Amporn Park to conduct the holy ceremonies as pertheir particular group to bless the King. In addition, Marathon athletes who had run from Doi Tung District in Chiang Rai Province will participate in the event.

"There will be a panel discussion under the topics, 'The Royal Kindness and Grace of His Majesty King Bhumibol toward the ethnic people of Thailand'and 'Perfoming Good Deeds as a Tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol'. Moreover, there will be cultural performances from each group, such as Karen, Akha, Khachin, Lisu, Myan, Hmong, Dara-ang, Tai Yuan, Tai Puan, Loas Kang, Tai Ya, Lao Vieng, Lao Ngaew, Moken and Mon. They will also sing the song 'Phleng Sansoen Phra Barami' (the Royal Anthem of Thailand) in their own language and finish the day with a candlelight ceremony for His Majesty The King."

The Combination of Thailand's Ethnic Groups and Tribal People to Bless His Majesty the King of Thailandwill also be a platform to express the diversity of the cultures and traditions that stretch back into history, and to enhance the unity of ethnic groups in Thailand,who are under Royal protection. Members of the public who wish to participate in the event can attend during May 5-6, 2013 at the Amporn Park in Bangkok.

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