Scania Sets Strategy to Strike ASEAN using Thailand as its Base for market expansion to Cope with AEC,

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Bangkok--18 Mar--Scania Siam

Scania Sets Strategy to Strike ASEAN using Thailand as its Base for market expansion to Cope with AEC, Hastily Open 8 Service Centers Across Country as well as Organize Top Team Thailand 2013 Competition to Develop the Capability of After Sales Staffs and Seek for Representatives to Join International Competition

Trading and international transportation business is growing which derives the transporting car and large truck markets to boom. Lately, Scania; one of leading car dealers from Sweden aimed to establish big base in Thailand to expand its market to ASEAN as well as cope with AEC opening. In addition, Scania sets strategic plan to expand its service centers in major provinces across country which hopes to achieve a leap growth, expand sales and service providing areas to cover and connect to Scania’s service centers across Asia and develop the capability of after sales team to undertake the expansion of service centers as well as encourage technician development by organizing Scania Top Team Thailand 2013 competition to seek for representatives to join Scania Top Team Regional 2013 competition.

Mr. Phuriwat Rak-Intr, General Manager of Scania Siam Co., Ltd. says about Scania’s strategy to use Thailand as its base for expanding truck & bus markets to ASEAN market that Thailand is considered to have geographic advantage over other countries in region because the country can conveniently be connected to every country. And according to the country’s transportation and logistics development plan strategy being set by government, it designates Thailand as ASEAN’s transportation and logistics hub. At the moment, government sector hastens the route study and development, and adds transporting routes that can conveniently connect to neighbor countries. All these reasons convince Scania to strive to use Thailand as its base for market expansion within this region.

While transporting vehicle market benefited from government’s policy and ASEAN’s trade free opening (AEC) will be the group of large trucks that internationally transports goods. As the total of trucks in the previous year (2012) was approximately 20,000 vehicles and in 2013 is expected to grow approximately 5 – 10% because trading and transportation are significantly increasing more and more, and most of them still mainly emphasize on overland transportation which the existed transporting routes and more upcoming are capable to connect as trading routes to country with massive size economy and high purchasing power such as China. Thus, Scania on behalf of leaders in large transporting truck has prepared in accordance to Thailand’s transportation and logistics development plan by expanding more service centers down to major strategic provinces that can internationally connect to other countries. Now, Scania has 6 service centers including Samutprakarn, Hat Yai, Laem Chabang, Saraburi, Surat Thani and Tak and 8 more will be put up between 2013 – 2014 including Khon Kaen, Chiangmai, Nakhonsawan, Nakhonratchasima, Nakhonpathom, Rayong, Mukdahan and Pathumthani which these new service centers will be represented as repair & maintenance centers and sales base expanding centers that can quickly reach to the group of customers in significant numbers while these centers will also be used to connect to Scania’s service centers in foreign countries to give convenient and provide services to the group of customers who operate international transporting trucks.

In addition to the preparation for service center expansion, Mr. Ian Mathieson, After Sales Manager of Scania Siam Co., Ltd. says that the most important thing to do for preparation on all new service centers opening at the moment is to prepare on every aspect such as locations, parts and staffs to provide services as well as specialized technicians and other service providing involvements. According to the readiness and personnel efficiency, Scania considers as its major obligations to support and continually provide training to staffs to establish professionalism in term of technician performance, tools expertise and working safety. Now, Scania reinforces a significant number of technician teams as well as sets the test to elevate its working standard which divides technician in 4 levels from technician beginner up to system analyzer. Furthermore, Scania initiates the project in associated with vocational education institutes opening opportunity for vocational students to join as Scania’s interns which after the internship Scania will select qualified student to work in Scania’s technician team.

And in order to convince continual development of technician team, Scania organizes Scania Top Team Thailand 2013 competition, arranged every two years to allow Scania’s technician teams to test their skills and compete for problems solving. This competition controlled by Scania Sweden includes theory part such as technician foundation, functional systems of vehicle, technical tools, etc. and practical part includes engine system, safety system, suspension system, electrical system and transmission system. There are 12 representative teams from Scania’s service centers across Thailand joining this competition which the winner team will represent the country in Scania Top Team Regional 2013 as Thailand will host this competition, held in April 2013.

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