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dmexco 2012 Presents First Topic Highlights From the Conference Programme

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COLOGNE, GERMANY--(Marketwire)--July 19, 2012

Shortly before the programme of the dmexco Conference 2012 is finalised, the first topic highlights are becoming clear: Under the motto "The Digital Transformation: Shaping Models - Creating Business" the formats of the Conference will once again be covering all segments of the digital industry as well as all trends and innovations at an international top level: From Multiscreen Commercialisation to Ambient Intelligence Experiences through to the New Consumer Engagement. Trade visitors can register here free of charge for all conference formats and to obtain an entrance ticket: https://service.dmexco.de/en/1916/~/Registration.html?src=Visitorregistration

It is already becoming clear in the final planning stages of the Conference programme: The dmexco 2012 is undisputedly the leading European and global platform for all forward thinking brand players and opinion leaders, for advertisers and marketers as well as for the decision-makers of all agency segments and media companies. The important trends and developments of the global digital industry will be highlighted in the dmexco programme formats with their star-studded casts. The holistic Conference motto "The Digital Transformation: Shaping Models - Creating Business" primarily focuses on one issue: the new possibilities of the digital world for trendsetting business models. For example in the dmexco's introductory panel, where representatives of global top brands like Nestlé, Yandex and Electronic Arts will closely examine the influence of digital innovations on a wide range of business strategies.

One of the central topics of the dmexco is "Multiscreen Commercialisation", which specifically addresses the increased use of multiscreen display devices -- a phenomenon that is proving to be a growing challenge for more and more marketing managers. For example in the panel "Leading the Shift to a Digital Supermedium", experts from the German Football League (DFL), Yahoo!, Samsung, Sky and Axel Springer will discuss the new dimension of multiscreen content and its marketing possibilities. The awarding of the Bundesliga rights serves here as a topical issue to sound out the future of multiscreen marketing in the era of connected TV, Smartphones and tablet PCs. What effect the increasing networking of the moving image media will have on video advertising will be the focus of the panels "Leaving TV behind: The future of impactful online video commercial" and "Smart TV - The big merger: The Future of TV is the tablet". In the mobile marketing sector the dmexco Conference will pose among others the key question: "What's holding back mobile ad spending?" and will discuss, where exactly the "Tipping Point" for mobile is defined. In various panels on AdTrading / RTB the participants will address in detail the question as to whether the current hot debate about its actual relevance is justified and what form the future development will take on and what consequences this will have on the marketing.

Regardless of whether we are talking about multiscreen or mobile: In an era when digitality has long since become the omnipresent background noise in our modern-day lives, it will become increasingly more important in the future to make new digital solutions possible for the advertisers and consumers. The topic "Turn technology into imagination" is thus taking over a prominent role at the dmexco Conference 2012 -- from the keynote "Ambient Intelligence: Integrating digital marketing into the heart of the product" to the panel "Innovations: How Digital Products reinvent Marketing and Media" through to the Great Cologne Debate "Consumer Engagement - how to merge Reality and Digital?", which is designed to underline how the new consumer experience arises from creativity and innovation. Finally, the special highlights of this year's Conference also include the many UBERCLOUD formats, which transfer the spirit of last year's successful pre-day event into the core of the dmexco programme. Whether in the Congress Hall, the Debate Hall or in the individual seminars: Under the motto "The Visible Mass Of Digital Creativity" and in collaboration with the ADC New York and local agency representatives, they will make the growing significance of digital creativity tangible supported by exciting showcases and successful practical examples.

Christian Muche, Director Business Development, Strategy & International dmexco: "The dmexco 2012 will not only unite all of the players under one roof again, but it will also bring a star-studded cast of worldwide speakers and many new faces to Cologne. In the meantime the dmexco offers the biggest overview of current economic trends, growth strategies, product innovations and creative diversity and has long since become the trend barometer for the entire marketing, media and technology sectors. The highlights this year include topics such as multiscreen commercialisation, brand building, social business, adTrading and real-time bidding, multichannel, big data, SmartTV, customer engagement and of course digital creativity. The visitors of the dmexco 2012 can look forward to an incredible spectrum of top speakers and brands -- so my advice is: Join the dmexco and get access to the future first!"

Trade visitors can register here free of charge for the dmexco 2012: https://service.dmexco.de/en/1916/~/Registration.html?src=Visitorregistration
About dmexco

dmexco is the international leading expo & conference for the digital industry. Comprising of a unique combination between an exposition and a conference it stands for innovative and future-oriented marketing in the midst of a global growth market. Placing a clear focus on advertising, media and technology the dmexco in Cologne is the global no. 1 industry meeting platform for valuable knowledge transfer and direct business transactions. The dmexco, which is organised by the Koelnmesse, offers trade visitors the broadest range of business trends, growth strategies, product innovations and creative excellence in diverse forms and is furthermore free of charge. As the central hub for all thought leaders and minds from digital brands, advertisers and marketers, all types of agencies and media owners the dmexco is leading the global digital industry.

All further information on the dmexco 2012 (12 & 13 September in Cologne) as well as photos, videos and statements on the dmexco 2011 are posted at www.dmexco.com, www.facebook.com/dmexco, http://twitter.com/dmexco and www.youtube.com/dmexcovideo.

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