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NFS : Bangkok’s oldest running networking breakfast is now the best Networking Lunch in town!

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Bangkok--25 Mar--NFS
NFS (Networking for Success) : Bangkok’s oldest running networking breakfast is now the best Networking Lunch in town!
Effective 17 March 2010: NFS Weekly Business Breakfast is now NFS Weekly Business Lunch. The luncheons will be held on Wednesdays so as not impact your other lunchtime activities on Thursdays.

New day of the week, new time of the day but the same significant networking value; NFS is where people come to meet and create long business relationships. Many business deals have closed as a result of meetings at NFS. Every week we have a different speaker presenting a new concept, idea, views that will benefit growing your business in Thailand or the region.

“NFS is about connecting with people and creating value and opportunities. I met someone for the first time at NFS in late July, found out we had potential to work together. We signed our contract in late October. If it was not for the meeting at NFS this contract would have never happened” explains Dan Schwartz who is one of the NFS pillars.

Jonah Kadish, founder and Managing Director of DeeMoc recalls his recent experience: “I was the speaker at NFS providing a talk on how to use email effectively. One of the attendees had many questions we scheduled a meeting a few days later and concluded an agreement. NFS really works!”

Doug Hood, Managing Director of Doug Hood Golf School another believer adds: “I invested in the NFS License to allow me to capitalize on my network of golf enthusiasts. This creates many new opportunities for my business and provides the platform for me to deliver efficiently”

A Brief History of NFS:

From a simple beginning back in 2005, when the founder, Callum Laing, MD of Mobyelite said to one of his close friends here in Bangkok, Tim Hansen: “Let’s start up a new networking breakfast. Come meet me on Thursday morning at the Novotel Siam Square, worst case you and I can have some breakfast together.” From that humble beginning 5 years ago, we are here now with NFS, plus many NFS licensees in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines delivering value to their members.

Times change, NFS is changing.

Membership is 2,500 THB, for at least 48 meetings (sometimes more, depends how the holiday schedules work). Non-members are always welcome to join as well, still only 300THB and now for a sumptuous luncheon buffet.

Recently NFS Thailand has changed hands and been taken over by Dan Schwartz of DPS Worldwide see www.dpsworldwide-co-ltd.com and Karin Lohitnavy founder of Midas-PR and Bangkok Young Professionals see www.midas-pr.com, both well known networkers among the Bangkok community.

The lunches will be held every Wednesday from noon to 13.30 at Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant www.loscabosbangkok.com which is excellently poised close to the Asoke Station – take your car, a taxi, the Subway or the Skytrain to Soi 14. Enter the gates and find yourself transported in a classic Thai house built in the early 1900’s and enjoy meeting like minded individuals and creating new business opportunities amidst hundred-year-old trees. Los Cabos Chef Robb Vaughn will offer NFS guests an array of inventive dishes and cocktails that will be sure to delight their palates and make the networking experience all the more pleasurable.

To find out more about NFS speakers and register go to www.midas-pr.com/networking (this page will be launched on March 31st 2010)
FOR MEDIA EQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT: KARIN FRICK LOHITNAVY at karin@midas-pr.com or 086-0442145 or JAY LIMPANILCHART at jay@midas-pr.com

ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก


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