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LEVI’S(R) X SUPER MARIO(TM) Take Your Denim Game to the Next Level

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Bangkok--31 Mar--Z Communications

When it comes to Nintendo, the largest game icon from Japan, Supermario (TM) always pop up. Supermario, a set in a mushroom kingdom with a mustachio’d Italian plumber in blue overalls who routinely saves a princess from anthropomorphic turtles, is a legendary video game and has owned gamer's heart for 30 years. As well as the game opens world of imagination and creativity for kids. For this Spring/Summer 2020, the world classic american jeans " Levi’s(R)" has welcome the newest member "Supermario (TM)" that brings all the characters for all fans to the Levi’s(R) collaboration family. This collection will be available on online only via LEVIS.CO.TH and our Line Official Account: @levisthailand. From now you can shop directly from your home with 10% off discount.

Levi’s(R) x Super Mario(TM) is a stylish, streetwear-inspired collection of denim, tees, hoodies, and accessories that brings together two major cultural icons famous for their youthful energy, nostalgia, and love of creativity. For Levi’s(R), bringing Nintendo’s Super Mario(TM) into the fold was a natural fit. Since Levi Strauss first patented his copper riveted jeans in 1873, the Bay Area brand has been a champion of great design. And Super Mario(TM) creator Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the most revered designers in the history of video games. With appearances in over 200 games since 1981, Mario, just like Levi’s(R), is a globally recognized icon.

“Shigeru Miyamoto is my design hero. Just thinking about the first time I played Super Mario – a video game of the adventures of an Italian plumber from the mind of a Japanese genius, just takes my breath away. The combination of retro cuteness, sense of humor and fun has been an inspiration. I’m convinced that playing Super Mario increases creativity and imagination.”- Jonathan Cheung, Senior Vice President of Design Innovation at Levi Strauss & Co.

The collection itself features bright, saturated colors and graphics alongside fan-favorite characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. Super Mario(TM) elements not only appear in graphics across shirts, hoodies and all-over print denim, but also in details like gold coin graphics peeking out of jean coin pockets, mushrooms and stars on Levi’s(R) back patches, Levi’s(R) tabs in special colors with vintage video game-inspired font, and shank buttons in red, blue, green, and yellow. On a 501(R) ’93 Straight jean, there’s also a special 'POWER UP’ custom selvedge on the cuff, and a print of Mario himself running around the inside waistband.

Other pieces include Super Mario(TM) printed Levi’s(R) tote bags and Levi’s(R) banana Slings, all-over Super Mario(TM) print bandanas and billfolds, and Super Mario(TM) print denim Truckers, shorts, and overalls. It’s a very special collaboration that was made by fans for fans, with a love and enthusiasm that can’t help but shine through.

About Levi Strauss & Co.:

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world's largest brand-name apparel companies and a global leader in jeanswear. The Company designs and markets jeans, casual wear and related accessories for men, women and children under the Levi's(R), Dockers(R), Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.(TM), and Denizen (R) brands. Its products are sold in more than 110 Countries and worldwide through a combination of chain retailers, department stores, online sites, and a global Footprint of approximately 3,000 retail stores and shop-in-shops. Levi Straus & Co.’s reported fiscal 2018 net revenues were $5.6 billion. For more information, go to http://levistrauss.com.

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