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CRYSTAL Enjoys 20.4% Market Share, Taking the Lead in the 35-billion-baht Drinking Water Market, Launches A Quality Moment with Quality Water Campaign to Further Sustain its Leadership

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Bangkok--14 Feb--ABM Connect

Sermsuk Public Co., Ltd., which produces CRYSTAL, Thailand's favorite quality drinking water, maintained its leadership position throughout 2019 as the No. 1 brand in the country's 35-billion-baht drinking water market. Sermsuk started its 2020 journey with a strategy focused on sustainable growth under the concept "Crystal CARE," which means operating with social responsibility and promoting responsible consumption. To reinforce this concept, CRYSTAL has launched the "Crystal Moment: A Quality Moment with Quality Water" marketing campaign, which offers limited-edition collectible packaging for the first time, to connect with people and build trust in CRYSTAL's quality and how the brand stays side-by-side with every generation of Thai people, at every moment. The campaign also includes the "CRYSTAL Refunding Happiness" activity in cooperation with Samyan Mitrtown, in which young people will be invited to join by collecting CRYSTAL bottles to redeem for privileges offered at Samyan Mitrtown starting in early-March.

Mrs. Prangnee Chaipidej, Marketing Director for Sermsuk Public Co., Ltd., said, "Over the past year, CRYSTAL's communications focused on quality people can trust from the start. The 'Uncompromising Leader, Quality is our Passion' concept reflects our dedication and how we won't compromise CRYSTAL's quality, starting from the production process, as well as our commitment to operate our business by following the principles of sustainable development. These corresponded to insights about ensuring trust in our quality, which contributed to CRYSTAL's leadership in Thailand's drinking water market, with our latest market share figure of 20.4% in December 2019."

"The overall drinking water market in 2019 was valued at 35,776 million baht, with CRYSTAL in the lead with an average 19.1% market share throughout the year. The growth trend for this market is likely to continue this year. Sermsuk will sustain our leadership in 2020 with our plans for the upcoming summer, when demand is at its peak. Our production capacity, with 15 facilities around Thailand operating to the same high standards, plus the efficient logistics system of Sermsuk and other companies under Thai Beverage, will deliver clean and fresh water to consumers in every region. We expect about 10% growth this year."

"Under our strategy for sustainable growth in 2020, CRYSTAL will build on our success with the 'Crystal Moment: A Quality Moment with Quality Water' marketing campaign, continuing to emphasize our focus on quality while being more connected with people's lifestyles. Choosing water not only means choosing quality, but also having a good quality of life. The campaign will highlight how we respond to other aspects of quality of life through the 'Crystal CARE' concept. It shows the care and attention that we put into every activity relating to society and the environment. A business can be sustained when society and the environment are also sustained," she said.

The Crystal Moment: Quality Moment with Quality Water marketing campaign accentuates our market leadership achieved through strong consumer trust in our products. It will elevate our brand communications using a lifestyle approach to reach out to a diverse group of consumers. CRYSTAL is always there in consumers' everyday lives, be it meal time, while working, during happy moments, when caring for health, and during other quality moments in life. These will be portrayed through the new "A Quality Moment with Quality Water" TV commercial starring Naphat "Nine" Siangsomboon, CRYSTAL brand ambassador. He will tell a story about the impressions of each quality moment experienced with the people he meets. CRYSTAL will also launch its first limited-edition packaging in three designs to delight consumers this summer. These designs, by two generations of artists, M.L. Jirathorn "Kru Toh" Jiraprawat and his nephew Mr. Jira Jiraprawat Na Ayutthaya, whose work is in a creative pop art style, convey messages about quality moments in people's everyday lives. No matter what the moment, feeling, or situation, CRYSTAL is there to fulfil people's happiness and stay by their side.

"CRYSTAL will also promote responsible consumption and handling of used packaging through the 'CRYSTAL Refunding Happiness' activity that will be held in cooperation with Samyan Mitrtown Mall. Starting in early-March, a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) will be installed for the young generation to collect and redeem empty CRYSTAL bottles for privileges at the mall. This will underline CRYSTAL's leadership in a sustainable manner in line with the 'Crystal CARE' concept of doing business responsibly and paying attention to every step, from obtaining raw materials, production, and delivery to consumers, to the post-consumption process. This helps to minimize environmental impact while encouraging stakeholder trust. This activity is an extension of Thai Beverage's sustainable development path. The collective efforts of every Thai Beverage subsidiary including Sermsuk have contributed to the company achieving the highest sustainability score for the beverage industry group in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the second year in a row," concluded Mrs. Prangnee.

The "Crystal CARE" concept is comprised of:

1. Consumers, Customers, and Community: These groups are precious. CRYSTAL pays close attention to every detail to create satisfaction for customers as well as other consumer groups while delivering optimum benefits to the community in which we operate. We deliver fresh, high-quality products through an efficient distribution network covering every area of the country, which means CRYSTAL can be there to meet every need.

2. Authenticity: The virtues of being genuine and trustworthy come from our commitment to high standards of work and quality. This has been recognized in the many accolades we have received from domestic and overseas institutions, such as production technology certified by the NSF in the United States, and being recognized six times by Thailand's FDA as a production site for healthy products operated with safety, ethics, and responsibility to society and the environment. This demonstrates that CRYSTAL is accepted by Thai consumers as the high quality brand of drinking water that most people trust.

3. Responsibility: We operate with responsibility to society and promote responsible consumption. CRYSTAL offers various types of packaging that correspond to consumers' needs. Glass bottles are an environmentally-friendly choice for consumers, and we promote consumption from glass bottles at eateries and at home as a reusable choice. CRYSTAL also encourages consumers to reduce packaging waste and builds public awareness about separating waste and recycling plastic bottles. Sermsuk has carried out an upcycling activity that used recycled plastic as yarn for making employee uniforms. This pioneering project has led to other initiatives.

4. Environment: CRYSTAL is committed to the research and development of products as well as more efficient use of production resources. The brand has been awarded a Carbon Footprint Label, which shows our commitment to reducing greenhouse gases to help mitigate global warming. CRYSTAL has also been granted a Water Footprint Certificate following the assessment of water use through the product lifecycle, making it the first certified drinking water brand to be recognized for its efficient use of water resources.

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