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RISE embarks on a new journey in Singapore with a mission to drive 1% GDP growth in South East Asia

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Bangkok--20 Nov--RISE

RISE, a leading Corporate Innovation Powerhouse based out of Southeast Asia, celebrates its official launch in Singapore by hosting the RISE Corporate Innovation Day in Singapore. As it embarks on a new journey in The Lion City, RISE will work with its partners to build out the innovation ecosystem, and enable the exponential growth of corporate innovation in Southeast Asia.

RISE has solidified its leading position by expanding into Singapore with the support from Enterprise Singapore, a governmental agency driving enterprise development under the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry. It has been actively working, as part of their first collaborative effort with the agency, on 'RISE.AI', Southeast Asia's First Corporate AI Accelerator program.

Today, RISE will fully mark its presence in Singapore, one of the world's best innovation hubs, with diverse tech talent, by hostingRISE Corporate Innovation Day in Singaporeat JustCo Marina Square, Singapore.

At the event, Dr. Kid Supachai Parchariyanon, Co-founder and CEO of RISE, unveiled RISE's latest research on the Corporate Innovation Landscape in Asia, the very first whitepaper focusing on corporate innovation in Asia. RISE has collaborated with leading corporates and partners - government agencies, startups, venture capitalists, accelerators, and innovation labs across Asia, to gather knowledge, models, insights, and best practices for corporate innovations that have taken place around the region.

"The pace of technological disruption is faster than ever across the globe, including Asia. Many corporates in the region are experimenting with various methods to innovate faster and survive in the ever-changing landscape of a digital future. Speaking from our experiences, we can see the wave of disruption in the West, but in Asia more needs to be done - I will encourage all corporations and startups to collaborate more to accelerate the growth of the innovation ecosystem in the region as well as lift up its economy as a whole," said Dr. Kid Parchariyanon.

He also mentioned in his presentation that corporations today have accepted the real threat of disruption and how startups are the key in making disruption happen. However, most corporations still do not have a good idea about what to do to deal with this threat of disruption: 7 out of 10 corporate professionals view the disruption as imminent and inevitable, especially in finance, media, and retail. However, only 3 out of 10 professionals think their organizations have clear innovation plans in place.

Furthermore, Rakesh Patni, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, has been appointed to be RISE Singapore's Country Manager. He will lead RISE and its corporate innovation services for corporations and governments in Singapore in order to assist them on running corporate innovation within their organizations.

"Even though Singapore is one of the world's most innovative cities, we believe that RISE as a regional corporate innovation powerhouse will help leading corporations and government sectors in Singapore innovate even faster through our key services – Global Accelerator Programs, Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneur Academy, New Ventures & Investment, and RISE Experience. The latter includes immersive trips to visit the world's pre-eminent innovation ecosystems and the Corporate Innovation Summit, Asia's largest experiential conference. This platform is designed to achieve RISE's mission of driving 1 percent GDP of Southeast Asia," said Rakesh Patni.

If you are interested in the 'Corporate Innovation Landscape in Asia' whitepaper by RISE, submit your request at http://bit.ly/RISECorporateInnovationWhitepaper
For more information, please contact Book Paramee Intarachumnum, Marketing Manager, RISE via email   book@riseaccel.com or +6685 553 3898
About RISE

RISE is a leading corporate innovation powerhouse based in Southeast Asia. With the bold mission to drive 1% of Thailand's and Southeast Asia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth through corporate innovation, RISE has been working with the network of more than 200 leading corporates and governments across Asia to become more innovative and successful in the faster future through 4 corporate innovation services – RISE Accelerator, RISE Corporate Innovation Academy, RISE Ventures, and RISE Experience.

To find out more about RISE, visit https://riseaccel.com/
About Dr. Kid Parchariyanon, Co-founder & CEO, RISE
Dr. Kid is a serial entrepreneur who, at the age of 19, developed and sold the first mobile stock trading application for the Stock Exchange of Thailand (now #1 stock trading app in the country) in 2005.

He is now a Co-Founder and CEO at RISE, a leading Corporate Innovation Powerhouse based out of Southeast Asia, consulting large conglomerates MNCs to innovate faster through RISE's Corporate Innovation Platform, which includes Accelerator, Corporate Innovation Academy, Ventures, and Experience.

Kid holds MS in Biomedical Informatics from Oregon Health and Science University and MD from Mahidol University. He is also the former President of Digital Advertising Association Thailand, Stanford's GSB Alumni and fellow and member of a number of professional associations in the US and Asia.

About Rakesh Patni, Country Manager, RISE

Rakesh is a senior business leader and currently the Country Manager of RISE, a leading Corporate Innovation Powerhouse based out of Southeast Asia. He has over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and has been a founding member of three companies. He has worked with global multi-cultural teams in Antwerp, London, Mumbai, and Singapore. He holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School.

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