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Bangkok--22 Aug--Idea Works Communications
TNN 16 forges ahead to be the No. 1 Economic News Digital TV Channel, with a revamped line up and different perspective of economic news, geared towards today's intellectual society.
Cutting-edge AI Recommendation technology selects and delivers key content, available for all aspects of viewing in the digital age via Omni-Channel

TNN 16 is revampingits news channel aiming to be the No.1 digital TV news channel under the concept "Keep up with the World, Economy and all Facts."The news channel has reinforced its seven principle content offering comprising: Main News Program; Economy, Finance, Investment; World Society and Politics; World Environment; World Innovation; Food & Health; and Sports, along with economic news presented from a different perspective. Veteran journalist Suthichai Yoon has been invited to host the program along with a high-caliber team of leading news anchors, such as Jake Rattanatungtrakul, Pat Jungkankul, Kwanchanok Rojananin, Banphot Thanapermsuk, Monchai Wongkittikraiwan, Siratthaya Isarabhakdi, Taweerat Jiradilok, Thanchanok Jongyotying and Monai Yenbutra. In addition, the news team of True4U channel has collaborated with TNN 16 to offer an engaging, complete and reliable news experience for today's intellectual society covering businessmen, executives and entrepreneurs with the introduction of innovative AI Recommendation technology that analyzes viewing data in order to improve content offerings as well as to better respond to the needs of viewers in the digital age. In terms of speed, people will be able to consume news faster and in advanced via Omni-Channel, offering 24-hour live streaming via TrueID application, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Line Official.

Mr.Ongard Prapakamol, Co-Managing Director of Thai News Network (TNN) Co., Ltd. said TNN Channel 16 News Station's "Keep up with the World, Economy and all Facts" has reinforced its position of being a quality news station that offers accurate news and being a crucial voicein helping driveand developing Thai society continuously for 11 years. The Channel is now moving forward to its 12th year and aims to become the No.1 economic news digital TV channel that meets the needs of intellectual society comprising entrepreneurs, businessmen and executives. A major revamp is already underway with a new line up of content that provides comprehensive coverage of seven categories, with a focus on offering economic news that makes the difference, and keepingviewers abreastof global events. Highlight programs include "The Conversation (JKN-CNBC)" which is based on CNBC's popular program and is hosted by renowned veteran journalist Suthichai Yoon who will discuss with policy and direction makers on issues that drive the country. In addition,the news team will be joined by top journalists such as Jake Rattanatungtrakul, Pat Jungkankul, Kwanchanok Rojananin, Banphot Thanapermsuk, Monchai Wongkittikraiwan, Siratthaya Isarabhakdi, Taweerat Jiradilok, Thanchanok Jongyotying and Monai Yenbutra. The True4You news team has also collaborated with TNN 16 to create and produce richer news programs. Furthermore, AI Recommendation technology has been integrated to analyze viewing data forcompiling content that fulfills all audiences' requirements in the digital era who can watch their desired programsfaster and in advanced on all digital platforms through 24-hour live streaming via TrueID application, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Line Official.

"The sevennews program groups that are the key driving force for TNN 16 to achieve the No.1 economic news digital TV channel include: Main News Program with more emphasis on quality and updated content every hour; Economy, Finance, Investment doubled in time and focusing on current domestic and international economic outlooks as well as the EEC; World Society and Politics brings insights and updates on all political movements around the world; World Environment keeps viewers abreast of environmental issuesaround the globe; World Innovation features new trends that are transforming the world into the digital age; Food & Health offers knowledge on the latest health trends and popular foods; and Sports showcases local and international sport news, delighting all types of sport fans. These seven news content groups directly cater to the needs, tastes and preferences of the channel's target audiences, making TNN 16 a unique news channel that offers a superior viewing experience."

The new highlight programs of Economy, Finance, and Investment group are:
  • The Conversation (JKN-CNBC) is based on CNBC's popular program where policy and the country's direction makers are invited to talk and answer questions, appealing to viewers who are directly affected by those policies that drive the government sector. The program will be run by Suthichai Yoon and aired every Sunday at 20.30- 21.30 hrs. starting September 1st.
  • Business Model Program analyses every single stock and is hosted by Nawarat Charoenprapin. The programprovides information and perspectives from businessmen through the best analysts comprising Dr.Niwet Hemwachirawarakorn, a valuable stock investor and Dr.Wisit Ongphiphatanakun, a quality stock analyst who will take turns to share their expert knowledge and business outlook, on air every Wednesday from 14.30-15.00 hrs.
  • Brand Zab is a feature programon SME entrepreneurs who will share their experiencesin building their brands and the benefits of branding creation for SMEs, aired every Tuesday at 14.30-15.00 hrs.
  • World Economic News In Brief provides an update on domestic and international economic news as well as movements across the globe by a team of top economic news anchors. The morning session is presented by Banphot Thanapermsook; midday session by Sineenart Sawadpoon; afternoon session by Atishart Wongwuthiwat; eveningsession by Taweerat Jiradilok; andthenight session by Ankanang Maimongkol, aired five times a day right after the main news programs.
  • Economy Insight presents economic and financial movements, both local and international, as well as technology and innovation that promote developments of startups, conducted by Monchai Wongkittikraiwan and Sirathaya Issarabhakdi, aired every Monday- Friday from 8:30 - 9:00hrs.
  • EEC Update offers in-depth knowledge of the Eastern Economic Corridor Development Project (EEC), and progress of related projects, presented by Thanikarn Maneekhao, aired every Friday from14.30-15.00hrs.
The new highlight programs of the World Innovation and Sports groups are:
  • TNN Tech Report is a news program that features the latest developments in the technological industryin both Thailand and abroad. The program also showcases various technological trends along with interviews of key successful figures in the industry, hosted by Xu Xing Jitsupha and Chin and Wu Spin9, on air every evening on Monday-Friday (beginning September 2nd).
  • TNN Sports Weekend is a dedicated soccer news update on the English Premier League with an in-depth analysis before the game, along with interview clips of soccer gurus, aired every Saturday-Sunday 17.00-18.00hrs (beginning September 7th).

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