Nellyka, Thailand classical guitar, releases “Choros (Sound of bells)” by Joao Pernambuco

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Nellyka, Thai Classical Guitarist, released a piece “Choros (Sound of bells)” composed by Joao Pernambuco who was a Brazilian guitarist and composer living in 1883 – 1947.

If you are interested in Nellyka’s performances, please visit the following websites:, or, or, or downloading Nellyka application from google play.

Nellyka Biography
Born name and Nickname: Nelly
Name: Netchanok Treerayapiwat
Stage Name: Nellyka (เนลลี)
Nellyka is an originator who makes the difference for the history of music industry in Thailand:
Nellyka is the first Guitarist who releases album which playing both classical music on guitalele and singing with playing guitalele solo.

Nellyka is the first Singer and Guitarist who released various guitar types and music genres - Thai Country, Pop, Rock, Classical and instrumental/holiday which performing with Electrical Guitar, Classical Guitar and Guitalele and which instrumental and singing with guitar solo.

Nellyka is also the originator who played Guitalele for the album in Thailand.
Nellyka is the first electric Guitarist of Thailand who plays guitar solo and sings every single track from the album and also releases guitar solo instrumental album.
Nellyka is also the first and the only Thai country singer who released album with four local Thai languages: Northeast, Northern, Eastern and Central Thai language.
Nellyka is the first artist of Thailand who released various albums of musical work genres and distributed worldwide via Amazon, iTunes.
Nellyka is the first Asian Artist who released Artist’s Application for android mobile device on android market or Google play.

Nellyka releases two albums in one day 12/12/12 and three albums in one year 2012 which are various genres: 1 Classical (Album Nellyka, Solo Guitalele), 2 Country (Album: Nellyka, My LookTung Thai Country) 3 Instrumental/Holiday (Album: An Electric Guitar for Christmas)

Nellyka’s background
November 2010: She decided to become an independent artist and continuous released her single to the public

February 2011: Launched her debut album, ‘Nellyka Rock Rock’, which she was singing and playing electrical guitar solo with rock style via amazon, itunes and via mobile operator in Thailand. Her songs was in the top 20 of the chart of some Thai radio station like ‘Rok Kon Kard Rak’, ‘Young Mee Chan’, ‘Rak Ngarn Nee Mai Mee Yud’ and ‘Rak Chung Hai Lae Apai’

July 2011: Released her second single album, ‘Nellyka Guitalele Pop Pop’ which she put her vocal in the album and played guitalele solo in pop style
August 2011: Released her third single album, ‘Nellyka, Solo Guitalele’ which is the instrumental album using Guitalele
September 2011: Released the fourth single album, ‘Nellyka, Classical Guitar Debut’ the instrumental album with classical guitar
November 2011: Launched her second album, ‘Nellyka Guitalele Pop Pop’ to be able to download by phone in Thailand and worldwide by Amazon website and iTunes.
November 2011: Released her first single as a country song
July 2012: Released her single fifth album, ‘Nellyka, My LookTung Thai Country’ which she was singing Thai Country and performing by electric guitar solo.
August 2012 released her Third Album (the world-first classical instrumental album on solo guitalele): Nellyka, Solo Guitalele.
November 2C012 released her single sixth album, “An Electric Guitar for Christmas” which is the instrumental album with electric guitar solo.
December 2012 Released her fifth album ‘Nellyka, My LookTung Thai Country’ which is the world’s first album of country song with 4-local Thai language from one singer Nellyka.
December 2012 Released her sixth album ‘An Electric Guitar for Christmas.

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