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True astonishes the telecommunications industry with launch of Touch SIM innovation on TrueMove mobile phones with just a touch using RFID technology from TrueMoney

Telecommunication Press Releases วันจันทร์ที่ ๑๒ พฤษภาคม พ.ศ. ๒๕๕๑ ๐๔:๒๘ น.
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A world-first innovation that suits all lifestyles - Fast, Convenient and Safe. True also unveils leading allies to help broaden the touch trend for modern living.

True Group, the leader in convergence lifestyle and top trend setter, announced the innovative smart Touch SIM on TrueMove mobile phones available via TrueMoney service. Supporting RFID technology, Touch SIM is a world-first offering that best suits all convergence lifestyles with just a touch. Its highlights include convenience, speed and security with smart features that match a range of modern lifestyles. Personal data and expense information can be recorded and stored on the Touch SIM. True also introduced leading new allies including Major Cineplex Group, The Esplanade, Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl, McDonald’s and CP Fresh Mart which will offer more alternatives for new generation consumers in terms of supporting services for RFID technology. The first RFID offering, exclusively designed for fans of the top reality show True Academy Fantasia Season 5 (AF5), will allow voting for contestants simply through touch via the Touch SIM, making it more easy and convenient. To complement this, various smart SIM applications in the AF5 home will also be showcased. Moreover, True staff will use Touch SIM for office access control, instead of using staff ID cards. Interested people who want to be trendsetters and become a “Founding Member” of this limited edition Touch SIM can do so from May 16, 208 onwards at True Shops and TrueMove Shops nationwide. Specially priced at only Baht 149 (normal price is Baht 349), subscribers will also get up to 16 free AF5 votes by Touch SIM to support their favorite candidate.

Mr. Suphachai Chearavanont, President and CEO of True Corporation Plc said, “Smart Touch SIM on TrueMove mobile phones is a source of pride for True Group. As a major operator in the Thai telecommunications industry we are very proud to have successfully developed a world’s first innovation that offers financial transactions and personal data storage on mobile phones. With the RFID-based technology by TrueMoney, Touch SIM is a value added service that offers True’s customers more convenience and gives them comprehensive access to important elements of their lifestyles and communities. With its unrivaled potential, Touch SIM is more than just a general SIM as it serves various touch-based applications, such as access and identification. True Group’s staff will be the pilot group to use Touch SIM for building/office access control, replacing their personal ID staff identification cards.”

“In addition to refill and payment purposes, Touch SIM incorporates many unique functions including its exclusive capability to record the personal data of the SIM owner, voting by touch via Electronic Data Capture (EDC) devices, loyalty programs, CRM services, product purchases via automatic vending systems, payments and e-commerce. More importantly, True Group has been trusted by many leading and farsighted allies including Major Cineplex Group, The Esplanade, Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl, McDonald’s and CP Fresh Mart. These business partners have realized the unique potential of this smart SIM that truly meets a range of modern lifestyles. True customers can use this SIM by touching it in order to buy movie tickets, view a list of favorite karaoke songs, look up their shoe sizes and bowling ball weight, access fitness facilities and check their own training program, pay for products and services and buy any product via an automatic vending machine,” added Mr. Suphachai.

To highlight today’s modern lifestyles, all 16 AF5 candidates from the hit reality show will demonstrate the use of Touch SIM while they are staying at the AF5 home. By simply touching the personal identification device, AF5 members can enter the headmaster’s room, access their locker, and collect points for lucky draws. The AF5 fan clubs can also be part of this trendy lifestyle by touch voting through the embedded Touch SIM for their favorite candidate at each one’s standee. These EDC readers will be placed in front of the concert hall every week and at branches of True and TrueMove shops in Bangkok. Moreover, AF5 fans can own the limited edition EDC reader of their favorite candidate that is available at every True Shop at a special price of Baht 990. All votes cast for AF5 candidates will be awarded a free calling credit bonus by TrueMove.

Mr. Adhiruth Thothaveesansuk, President of True Money Co., Ltd. said, “TrueMoney is committed to developing new solutions that broaden financial service channels on convenient platforms for more than 3 million customers. Touch SIM on TrueMove mobile phones introduced today reflects another success of TrueMoney, as the leading provider of comprehensive financial services under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand. Touch SIM is another alternative that provides convenient and rapid payments without waiting in a long queue, while assuring customers of the ultimate in safety and security. Touch SIM by TrueMove is the first smart SIM in the world. The RFID technology is used to design and integrate new functions, features and applications into the single SIM. This lowers customers’ costs as they do not need to change their handsets while at the same time solving problems associated with the use of RFID technology on mobile phones for personal identification and shopping which have been encountered in many nations, due to the limitation of handsets that require special embedded features that cause the price of the handset increase to Baht 10,000-20,000. This marks the first time in the world that a touch system is used to handle all requirements in the business sector and serve modern lifestyles. Interested people can apply to be an early adopter of the Touch SIM by TrueMove from May 16 at all True Shops and TrueMove Shops nationwide at the special price of Baht 149.”

“Experience a world first with the Touch SIM by TrueMove. With just a touch, you can access important elements of your lifestyle very rapidly, conveniently, and securely. We are confident that it will be a new technology trend that meets the needs of all lifestyles of Thai people,” Mr. Suphachai concluded.

Touch SIM by TrueMove is compatible with most mobile phones, both luxury and economy models, except some models with batteries that are too small to support the signal receiving cards. The list of supporting handset models is available at www.truemoney.co.th or by calling 1331 press 6.

About TrueMoney

TrueMoney, a subsidiary of True Corporation, has been authorized by the Bank of Thailand to operate an e-money business and by the Revenue Department to be a payment agent. True Money ensures safe and secure service for customers by using advanced code access technology based on international standards. Customers can carry out financial transactions – top-ups, payments, transfers and withdrawals, anywhere and at any time via TrueMoney on TrueMove mobile phones.

For more information, please contact:
Corporate Communications & Marketing PR,
True Group Ref: (052) 09/05/2008
Pimolpan Siriwongwan-ngarm Tel: +66 (0) 2699 2772 Email: pimolpan_sir@truecorp.co.th
Wipada Isara Tel: +66 (0) 2699 2778 Email: wipada_isa@truecorp.co.th
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