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Bridgewater Systems Opens Asia-Pacific Regional Office, Expands Management Team With New Vice President, Asia

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New Customer Engagements, Rapid Build-out of Telecommunications Infrastructure Drives Company's Expanding Presence

Bridgewater Systems(TM), a leading developer of subscriber-centric policy management software for IP-based services, today announced it has opened a regional office in Asia to address growing customer opportunities. The new office, headquartered in Singapore, will support the company's rapidly developing Asian customer base and extend its reach to wireless and broadband communications serviceproviders throughout the region.

Steven Yat Ming Szeto, Bridgewater Systems' vice president, Asia Pacific, will lead the Singapore office, which will serve as the regional headquarters for the company's Asia-Pacific business. Szeto has more than two decades of experience selling telecommunications technology solutions to network operators in the Asian market. Prior to Bridgewater Systems, Szeto was the vice president and generalmanager of Convergys Corporation's Asian operations. There, he significantly expanded the company's sales, partner and alliance initiatives in the cable, wireless and wireline industries in significant deployments throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China and Korea. Prior, Szeto held a series of positions withincreasing responsibilities in the Asian operations of Silicon Graphics, Inc. He also has worked in Asian sales for Apollo Computer and Data General.

"Network operators across the globe are investing in technology that helps them more effectively manage network resources and launch new applications that establish competitive differentiation," said Ed Ogonek, president and CEO of Bridgewater Systems. "We have received very positive responses from our market development efforts in the Asia-Pacific region, initially including the highly developed broadband and wireless markets such as Korea and Japan and in the high-growth markets such as China and India. With Steven's existing relationships and proven experience selling technology to carriers in the market, he will be invaluable in helping Bridgewater grow our business in this critical area."

Bridgewater Systems brings expertise as an established leader in centralized policy management to wireless and wireline Asia-Pacific service providers. Out of the box, Bridgewater's solution offers the industry's best products in terms of reliability, scalability, flexibility, interoperability, and capability. Its carrier-grade authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) systems support deployments with more than 50 million provisioned users and one billion transactions per month. The company is a leading contributor to standards development in the IETF, 3GPP2, WiMAX and DSL Forum and is an active member of 3GPP.

About Bridgewater Systems

Bridgewater Systems develops the industry's most advanced subscriber-centric policy management software for IP-based services. Its solutions help global service providers maximize profits and launch new services faster. With Bridgewater's software, service providers have an intelligent policy-decision point for the management of subscribers, applications, and network resources. The Bridgewater Systems' product suite delivers high performance policy management via its market-leading authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) systems. It also offers a range of modular products for application support, mediation, and dynamic broadband management. Bridgewater Systems' proven carrier-class products deliver on-demand data services, extensive revenue capture capabilities, and out-of-the-box value that can be deployed in weeks - instead of months.

More than 40 leading service providers from around the globe (including: Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile USA,) trust Bridgewater's technology and business insight to help them deliver world-class services. Founded in 1997, Bridgewater Systems is a privately held company. www.bridgewatersystems.com

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