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Vistra, a leading health supplements manufacturer teams up with Note Udom, to introduce Veldent, a trendy nutrition toothpaste

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ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก
Bangkok--9 Aug--Inspire Communications

Vistra, a leading vitamins & nutritional supplements brand under the management of NBD Healthcare Co., Ltd., emphasizes its expertise in the health supplements industry and strengths in acquiring the best nutrients from around the world by entering into the oral care market. It is launching "Veldent," a new nutrition toothpaste, in August with an investment of over 60 million baht. The brand ambassador and mastermind of this product is Khun Note Udom who participated in the packaging design and engaged in every detail throughout the manufacturing process. It is as good as a dream team for the oral healthcare innovation which aims to create a new tooth brushing experience that makes you feel refreshed, upbeat, and motivated to start a new day.

Khun Piroonroj Kraisuraphong, CEO of NBD Healthcare Co., Ltd., said, "Our consumers have had trust in the Vistra brand for over 15 years as a total health & beauty supplements provider. This year, the Company sees an opportunity to expand its product line and introduce oral care products, valued at over 10,000 million baht. We also expect a high growth rate, starting with the introduction of a therapeutic toothpaste with premium formula because we realize that our consumers have more knowledge and concern for their oral health. As a result, the Company has developed Veldent toothpaste under the concept of "Dental Wellness" which can meet the needs of new generation customers who tend to take great care of their health and do some research before deciding to buy a product. Veldent is a positive-thinking oriented brand underlining nourishing oral and dental health with premium-formulated vitamins and nutrients in a unique package. We are honored to have Khun Note Udom, a talented and good-humored artist whose personality matches our marketing concept, join us in creating this product and personalizing it as a truly stylish and joyful brand. We have received very good feedback beyond our expectations after releasing a viral video with over a million views within a few days. Our promotional plans mainly include TV, online and out-of-home media, with a marketing budget of over 60 million baht. We also plan to have Khun Note Udom make his formal debut as our brand ambassador by next month."

Veldent, a premium nutrition toothpaste bearing the slogan "Nourish Your Smile" is formulated with the "DentaminTM Complete Care" technology integrating over 7 kinds of vitamins and nutrients for oral and dental health and providing exceptional texture in all the 5 formulas: Extreme Awake, Chill Fresh, Sensitive Care, Amazing Bright, and Nature Boost. The customers can choose any formula based on their individual needs and feel that taking care of their oral health can be much more fun. Our Veldent products are currently available at Tops Supermarket, The Mall Group such as Gourmet Market and Home Fresh Mart, local drugstores, as well as Lazada. We also plan to expand our distributional channels to 7-11 and leading supermarkets in the country within September. For further information on the products, please visit www.veldent.co.th or www.facebook.com/VeldentToothpaste

ขนาดตัวอักษร: ใหญ่ กลาง เล็ก


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