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The Golden Era is All Set for Golden Fried Chicken

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Bangkok--20 Jun--Panus Interfoods
The Golden Era is All Set for Golden Fried Chicken
After years of a monotonous operation, "Chicky Chic", a long-established fried chicken franchise is ready to set its wings to the new age.

Panus Interfoods Co.,Ltd. (PIF), a youngblood food distributor, specialized in frozen, fully cooked poultry has completed its acquisition of Chicky Chic, a fried chicken franchise. Founded in 2006, the brand has been in the Thailand for 12 years and is now going to relive its glorious days.

"We have started working on this project since December 2017 and it's been an excitement for everyone in our team" stated Miss Pinyaphat Aurchaikarn, PIF's CEO.

"We are certain for the quality Chicky Chic has to offer to the market considering from the fact that it has been around for more than a decade; it just needs a revamp after such a long time of idleness. Our main mission is to freshen up the brand, make it fun and engage both of franchisees and consumers. It's a great timing for us to be able to participate in THAIFEX 2018. To us, this is the official announcement to the public that we are ready to push an all-new version of Chicky Chic out and I am sure everybody is looking forward to it as much as we are at PIF"

In 2018, Chicky Chic marks its 12th year anniversary. Despite of its strong presence in schools and universities over the years, the brand has a lot of potential to be known in a wider circle. The company is working on several aspects to strengthen the brand, which includes standardizing operation flow, establishing its visibility on social media and consumer-based events, reaching out new potential franchisees as well as launching company's owned branches

Even though there will be several new approaches coming out of the brand throughout the year, food safety remains one of our highest priorities as it has always been. To ensure great taste and excellent quality, all of the Chicky Chic products are manufactured from globally certified factories and eligible to export to a number of destinations, including Europe and Japan, which are known for exceptional food safety standard.

PIF positions Chicky Chic as an a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for sustainable source of income and continuously growing business. Food and beverages business has been one of the most successful industries in Thailand during the past years. The market of fried chicken values 14,000 million Baht, which is considered the largest segment among other kind of fast food and makes up 40% of the whole industry. Although most of the researches are done based on QSR segment (Quick Service Restaurants), there were over 100 new food-related franchises established in 2017 alone. The number shows outstanding demand from both consumers and vendors side. Fried chicken secures its position in top 5 most popular food categories among other franchise business, with the highest growth of 2-4% in a year-long period.

"One of Chicky Chic's unique selling points is, it allows anyone to be an owner in food business." Points out the CEO, "The cost of investment is reasonable when compared to other franchises that share similar quality standard. There is almost no specific skill required - We only need your motivation and attention to get the business running. These frozen fully cooked fries and chickens allow our franchisees to easily manage stock, which results to zero food waste – simplify cost and profit calculation. Anyone can become a business owner without hassles."

Chicky Chic is expecting 15% revenue growth and 30% increase in branches at the end of 2018. The company is confident that the number will be achieved from major improvements, both brand and operation-wise.

"Progressive and sustainable growth have always been our priorities" Points out the CEO. "But it's not only for the brand itself, but also all of our franchisees. There's no way we can expand without a solid foundation and support from our franchisees. We want to see them thrive in the business. To us, their problems and struggles are as important as their success stories and we want to be with them in every step."

About Chicky Chic

Founded in 2006, Chicky Chic, a fried chicken franchise secures its strong position among young consumers. For 12 years, the brand has passed on this simplified, integrated business solution to people who want to be entrepreneurs and generate sustainable income. In December 2017, the brand is acquired by Panus Interfoods Co.,Ltd. (PIF). To serve the community better, the brand has been going through major changes to improve brand awareness and growth rate throughout the country and beyond. Despite of all the adjustment, Chicky Chic is determined toensure everyone a business solution that requires low investment, generates lucrative return while offers high quality products to all consumers.

About PIF

PIF (Panus Interfoods Co.,Ltd.) is a food innovator driven a youngblood team specializes in poultry meat, both fully cooked and raw. We work closely with research and development team who has over 20 years of experience to ensure high quality, outstanding food standard and exceptional taste. We are trusted by a number of partners around the world for instance; Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and the UK. At PIF, we are always looking for fresh, innovative ways to be the perfect solution for any food-related business, regardless of the sizes; because we believe that great quality does not need to come with any hassle.

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