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Isuzu momentum continues with the Isuzu MU-X THE LIMITED launch at 36th Bangkok International Motor Show

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Bangkok--25 Mar--Tri Petch Isuzu Sales

Isuzu highlighted its leadership in automotive technology which has enjoyed a continuous wave of popularity of the “Isuzu D-MAX Super Daylight” which features innovative SUPER DAYLIGHT technology; and PUSH START, an intelligent ignition system operated by fingertips together with the ISUZU GENIUS ENTRY, the world-class pickup standard. Together with the introduction of the “ISUZU MU-X THE LIMITED”, the ultimate luxury sport utility vehicle for a colorful lifestyle of the new generation. Revitalize yourself with fun-filled activities at the Isuzu Booth, 36th Bangkok International Motor Show, Challenger Hall, Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.

Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa, President of Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd. Said, “Isuzu has always delivered new innovative products, both from the exterior and interior design perspective which allows Isuzu vehicles to look modern and perfectly fit with the new generations’ lifestyles. Isuzu has relentlessly strived to develop new technologies to improve the performance and functionality of our products. Both the “ISUZU D-MAX SUPER DAYLIGHT” and the “ISUZU MU-X THE LIMITED” are equipped with the daylight technology, the European Safety Standard and also feature the PUSH START, which is an intelligent ignition system operated by fingertips combine with ISUZU GENIUS ENTRY system. In addition, we introduce of the “ISUZU MU-X THE LIMITED” for everyone to experience its outstanding design and superior performance. Special fun-filled activities are also offered at our booth in the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show.”

The Isuzu Booth at the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show is designed with a sporty style of the new generation. The booth features a black and red color tone that standout by the “X” symbol which represents lifestyle vehicle that fulfill every type of activity desired by the users adding the scintillating lighting technology to reflect the broad variety of lifestyles. Isuzu vehicles display at the Isuzu booth comprises of both standard models and customized versions developed especially for the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show to enhance the colorful atmosphere for the users who have a preference for vehicle customization and the “X” lifestyle activities as follow;

ISUZU MU-X THE LIMITED, a special edition of a luxury Sport Utility Vehicle. Added style and sportiness with “Koukido” Silver alloy wheels giving super shining dark silver color, Color Key side mirrors, and special Graphic Design sticker decal wrapped around the vehicle, eclectically simple yet luxurious ambience is achieved with an interior cabin in black color tone for that added sporty sensation, with semi-genuine leather seats in Anthracite Black color tone. A pleasant drive is achieved through the presence of a powerful hi-end KENWOOD entertainment system that uniquely stylish available in White and Black color.

Special! The “ISUZU MU-X THE LIMITED” Black color tone. Accessorized with special TAM alloys RD-309 specs 10x20 inches and Falken tyres S/TZ-05 specs 265/50R20. Also featured is the Hot Bits lower suspension kit and boat hauling accessories by Thule in the 873 Hydro Guide and the Thule kit with a kayak to go along with the vehicle.

ISUZU D-MAX SUPER DAYLIGHT, the new standard of the pickup industry with its SUPER DAYLIGHT technology reflects leadership on every journey. Be Absolute confident with the specially-design i-GRIP Platform lower suspension that enables every component to work in cohesive unity. A longer wheel base and wider wheel track for a perfect equilibrium of the vehicle that features an ideally located engine, resulting in excellent road grip. An SSF (Static Stability Factor) permits accurate vehicle control and stability for a pleasant safe journey; together, with the complement of stunning aesthetic design for both the exterior and interior. The convenience is enhanced with the Isuzu Genius Entry, an intelligent ignition system which allows automatic door locking system and engine start without a key or remote.

Elevate your city-lifestyle status with the ISUZU D-MAX HI-LANDER 4-door model. Accessorized with special customized kits and a Gun Metallic color tone for the roof rack, sports bar, side rail steps and front bumpers along with Yokohama A/T-S tyres spec 275/65R17.

Sizzling hot is what you get from the ISUZU D-MAX X-SERIES SPEED stylish pickup that designed especially for sporty customers. Special Sticker Wrap with tinted design by Tony Wrap A Car. Alloy wheels by Thai Alloy Wheel model TM-223 size 10x20 inches in Black color tone and tyres by Nitto model NT-555 size 245/40R20. Special Hot Bits lower suspension system. Stylish beyond your wildest imagination and a spectacular entertainment system by UDC.

Style and Power are the two ingredients exuded by the ISUZU D-MAX V-CROSS 4x4 in Venetian Red color tone. A sporty off-road vehicle that surpasses every challenge, be ready for a new adventure for a challenging lifestyle like none other with the total comfort delivered in perfection via the Isuzu UNIVERSAL DESIGN concept that focuses on the passenger by designing each and every seating position to complement every equipment feature for optimal ergonomic efficiency by enabling user-friendly, practical functionality and variety. A fun drive with a high performance suspension system that is ready to take on any terrain, grueling off-road trails and a smooth quiet ride. With the TERRAIN COMMAND switch allows the driver to change from 2-wheel drive mode to 4-wheel drive in a fast and accurate fashion while achieving a powerful off-road performance. Special front bumper kits by ARB with LED lights and side bumpers. Rear bumpers and special impact prevention kit underneath the vehicle’s lower surface area by ARB and High-rise suspension system by Procomp with BF Goodrich tyres 315/70R18 and a Black WRAP sticker kit for that powerful and robust look.

In addition, the popular emcees will entertain you on a daily basis throughout the 12-day automotive extravaganza. Pek-Premmanat Suwannanon, Mick-Baromvudh Hiranyasthiti, Oar-Kirati Thepthan, Joy-Chonticha Nuamsukhon, VJ Lay-O and VJ Knot along with fun-filled activities at the Isuzu Booth such as the following ;

ISUZU D-MAX MOTION SCAN, an X-Ray technology which allows you to view the inner workings of the Isuzu engine and the structural framework including the comfort and safety system of the ISUZU D-MAX
Experience style and a robust sensation that is the perfect fit with the VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE BY V-CROSS 4X4

ISUZU INSIGHT INTERACTIVE DISPLAY, a monitor displaying “ISUZU INSIGHT” intelligent technology that computes algorithms and analyses driving pattern and behavior to achieve highest safety and optimal driving efficiency for the driver.

Meet Isuzu presenters “Boy-Pakorn Chatborirak” and “Kong-Saharat Sangkapreecha”, along with the charismatic and handsome French Muay-Thai fighter “Antuan Pinto” from THAI FIGHT

COVER DANCE by sexy female dancers degreed Thailand’s champion who will increase the “heat” level at the event.
Isuzu Photo Contest 2015. Send in your best digital camera photos or via instagram by simply typing in Hashtag #isuzuinstagram and vie for spectacular prizes worth 200,000 Baht.
For further information or any product information query, please ask our beautiful i-Girl personnel

Experience and test drive the “ISUZU D-MAX SUPER DAYLIGHT”, the new global standard for pickups that answer every discerning demand of the customer in perfect harmony; and don’t forget to test drive the ISUZU MU-X, the ultimate luxury utility vehicle at the Isuzu Booth at the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show from March 25 to April 5, 2015 at the Challenger Hall, Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.

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